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Port Allen, Louisiana (PressExposure) September 09, 2009 -- Looking for crickets, mealworms, super worms, fruit flies or hissing cockroaches? Or perhaps your pet is in for a treat and you want some chocolate covered crickets? Once upon a time, you couldn’t get these products unless you went down to the insect store and picked them off the shelf. Times have changed though and as with everything else, insect feed products for your pet reptile are now available online! You are spoilt for choice with stores offering a large variety of reptile products and competitive prices.

We all know that the internet can sometimes provide too much information and it is possible to go from website to website looking for the reptile products you want. However, many insect stores have now struck gold by guaranteeing quality and even providing rare species of reptile food. The advent of these online insect stores has helped the consumer in being able to order insect feed or other reptile products in a very easy and simple way. In an era of convenience, the physical stores have taken it amongst themselves to offer this online shop presence to serve the needs of their customers when it comes to reptile products.

Many online firms have their own claims to fame. Some of them confirm that their insect feed like live crickets, mealworms, hissing cockroaches, super worms and fruit flies are reared from a rare species. This of course improves the quality of the reptile products that they are selling. It is now also possible, as mentioned above to buy chocolate covered crickets. Your pet deserves an occasional treat and what better way to provide it! It is important that stores supply you with healthy live crickets and most online stores now take responsibility for how the crickets they supply are reared. A lot of them insist of responsible farm care at normal temperature for rearing these crickets. So when you buy live crickets, you are assured that they have been reared under the best conditions and are in good health. On a different note, if you are into fishing, you can also purchase these live crickets as live bait for relatively cheap prices from the insect store.

The more experience pet reptile owners will have seen that when they have ordered a supply of live crickets or fruit flies from an online firm in the past, by the time the shipping and transportation has been carried out, the final order usually contains half dead or twisted or ill insects. This can be very frustrating when you as a consumer have paid full price and expect guaranteed quality. This is also true of mealworms and super worms. It is necessary for the store to have optimum conditions of temperature and environment for live crickets, fruit flies, mealworms and super worms to be made available in a healthy condition. This optimum temperature must also be available when these live crickets, fruit flies, mealworms and super worms are transported to a customer who has placed an online order. Thanks to responsible retailing, these problems seem to be reducing and now you can depend on most online stores to provide you with the best reptile products possible with 100% quality guaranteed.

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