Web & Audio Conferencing - A Necessity During Recession

North Carolina, NC (PressExposure) February 17, 2009 -- There is a wide range of communication mechanisms these days from portals, communities, web folders, virtual data centers to instant messaging, to voice-over-IP. Web & Audio conferencing however, stands out as an invaluable innovation for a remote service.

Using a web conference call has long been recognized as a valuable technique for online collaborations. The web conference call, also known as teleconferencing, has many uses and benefits. General uses for a web conference call include conducting training seminars and continuing education sessions, conducting market research, holding press conferences, and coordinating meetings including operational meetings, board meetings, and investor relation meetings.

A web & audio conferencing can be used to hold sales meetings, to make sales presentations, to provide potential retailers or affiliates with information on new products or services, to provide press releases, or even to conduct a live, online auction. Holding a web conference call for the purpose of conducting sales meetings, sales presentations and press conferences saves time and money because the attendees can be present at the meeting from remote locations. A web conference call eliminates travel time and the expenses of travel.

In addition, through a web conference call, hand-outs can be provided electronically rather than being printed resulting in even more cost savings. The web conference call enables real-time communications between attendees.

While using web conferencing services or web conferencing software to conduct a web conference call, you generally schedule the web conference call setting the time, date and duration of the web conference call. There is an option to reserve audio telephone conferencing so that the web conference call can also be accessed via telephone although with telephone access the sharing of files is not possible. When the web conference call is scheduled and set up, you can choose which guests you want to invite to the web conference call and send invitations via email.

Mainly web conference call solutions use a voice-over-IP technology that enables conference attendees to talk back and forth if they have microphones and speakers. Others include web cam features so the web conference call is "face-to-face" so to speak. In a web conference call, attendees can observe what you are doing on your computer. They can show slides used in the presentation and so forth as well opening files or documents that you share throughout the web conference call.

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