"Seller Beware" Claims Free Special Report Published By New Contractor-Help Website

Los Angeles, California (PressExposure) August 25, 2006 -- “Buyer beware,” or so goes the old cliché. Now, due to ongoing changes in buying patterns since the advent of internet shopping, on line auctions and other non-traditional shopping trends by consumers, this warning may be out of date. This, according to Joe Crisara CEO of http://www.ContractorSelling.Com, a new contractor-help website which was recently launched this past month on August 19th. “The tables have now turned180 degrees against service contractors who sell their services directly to home owners and consumers. The list includes trades such as plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical contractors who struggle to communicate their unique service offering to customers.” He said.

“Contractors across the United States are now saying, seller beware.” says Crisara, “In my opinion, the contracting industry is now struggling to differentiate their offering to their buyer in the face of this information overload.” On what does he base this contention, you may ask? “I believe the flood of information coming from sources such as “do it yourself” websites, big box retailers, ebay and even the contractors themselves, is confusing consumers more than it clarifies what they really want.” He said.

This struggle to communicate is the subject of a “Special Report” available free of charge at http://www.ContractorSelling.Com . The report titled, “The 21 Secrets of Superstar Contractors” illustrates the “best practices” of contractors who have succeeded and even thrived in this era of change and turmoil.

This new website is now “THE contracting resource on the internet” for contractor owners, service technicians and sales people looking for information to help create options for consumers looking for the best value. Crisara feels strongly about the need to intervene. “The contractor of the new millennium must help consumers focus on what it is that they really want when purchasing their services.” He added, “The old paradigm of the contractor is being reshaped into this new image of a true professional, sort of like a doctor.” He said.

Mr. Crisara says that for years now the contracting industry as a whole is using an antiquated sales technique that creates high levels of anxiety in the buyer. “I think most consumers would rather have their teeth pulled then sit through another long, boring presentation by a contractor.” said Joe, “By the time the contractor or tech shows up to fix a problem or sell their services, the customer of today has done an awful lot of research.” He said, “I think that most consumers are thinking, “I already know this stuff,” when is this person going to shut up and just let me buy?” says Crisara.

This new site, for contractors and the people who sell their services, offers access to the newest methods of selling with an online membership, for as little as $24 per month.

The contention of the people at http://www.ContractorSelling.Com is that some of the techniques that contractors have been using to sell, can be seen a mile away by the sophisticated consumer of today. “Contractor’s of today have adapted into a selling style that is just scary to the consumer and leaves them no choice but to make a decision based on the price.” Says Joe, “I think consumers can see and feel the “battleship” coming a mile away when faced with the old sales methodology. That’s why we have developed a system to put contractors in alignment with the way that most people prefer to purchase in today’s world.”

“We think this will ultimately change the face of the way contractors and people who sell technical services like computer repair and networking specialists bring their services to the market.” said Crisara.

The system that is used by http://www.ContractorSelling.Com is a unique method that creates curiosity in the buyer, differentiates services, conditions customers for higher and lower price points, gives consumer multiple options to choose from and end with a double check to make sure the buyer is satisfied with their choice.

“In today’s environment, the contractor cannot afford to change with the buying pattern of the customer.” says Joe, “We have everything to help them make this change from audios to online seminars to sales forms and downloads.” He added, “We want to help the non-selling technical professional to stop feeling like a “used car” sales person and regain their rightful place as a professional in their trade.”

http://www.ContractorSelling.Com also has added areas to support the sales process as well. “With this new site, contractors now have access to information that would take hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop on their own.” He added, “Even our highest level at $89 is a bargain that I just don’t think any contractor can afford to pass up.”

They call this treasure trove of information, “Best Practices for the Rest of Us.” http://www.ContractorSelling.Com has a “visual” flat rate pricing guide that bundles and packages repairs with a full contractors clip art library to support it. Also there is an area for managers, CSR’s, dispatchers and inventory people who need help in supporting the sales effort.

There are the audios and online seminars on selling and other features including a community forum to let contractors, office staff, techs and sales people freely share information online.

About www.contractorselling.com

For more information about the site or to get a copy of the free “Special Report” The 21 Secrets of Superstar Contractors, go to www.ContractorSelling.Com and make your request there. Or go to the “contact us” section of the site and call or email Joe Crisara directly.

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