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Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) September 11, 2008 -- The average man or woman in the United States today experiences five lawsuits in his or her lifetime, says asset protection attorney, Jay Mitten. The odds are that one of these will result in the loss of the victims entire assets, including their life savings. "Our mission is to keep that from happening to our customers," states Kevin Wessell, a well known asset protection expert and CEO of 1-800-COMPANY.com and Offshore Company; asset protection companies in business for over 30 years.

Our mission is to keep that from happening to our customers Kevin Wessell and 1-800-COMPANY.com have made it their core focuses to inform people about the potential loss of their life savings from lawsuits and how they can take steps now to protect themselves from this financial nightmare. "Why take chances losing everything you own. Just one simple mistake or even a frivolous lawsuit brought against a person can lead to the loss of everything they own. Our job is to prevent this from happening to our clients," remarks Mr. Wessell.

1-800-COMPANY.com offers a number of asset protection strategies that protect their clients, ranging from privacy protection to forming a corporation/LLC to land trusts to offshore banking. This can be done under a separate company name so that a client's name and assets remain private.

How does this all work? Suppose you are involved in a car accident. The other driver decides to hire an attorney to sue you for more than your insurance coverage. The first thing that attorney will do is perform a search on your name through various databases on the Internet. It only takes a matter of minutes to find out everything they need to know about you including all of the assets you own such as real estate holdings, bank accounts, a business venture, even your spouse's assets.

Based on his simple research, the attorney now knows approximately how much you are worth and can initiate a lawsuit against you to go after your life savings. Even if you fight the lawsuit, the lawyer will eventually attempt to force you into a large settlement just to end the case (and remember, the attorney knows exactly how much you are worth, so they know how much you will be willing to give up just to end the lawsuit).

Using an asset protection service such as 1-800-COMPANY.com gives the consumer a shield of armor in which the opposing side will find extremely difficult and costly to penetrate. Take for example one of their more popular strategies for protecting liquid assets including cash; the Offshore Trust. By placing money into a Cook Islands trust, the Cook Islands Trustee will refuse to turn over the information or finances of its customers to their legal enemies. Once the lawsuit has ended or the statute of limitations has expired, the trustee will release the control of the assets back to its rightful owner, the customer that retained its services.

Some may think something like this can't be legal. Kevin Wessell quickly puts that assumption to rest. "Trusts have been utilized to protect assets since the early 1400's. Many wealthy people including celebrities and public figures take advantage of this strategy to protect their assets from frivolous lawsuits. Timing is the key with using protection such as an offshore trust. These programs are best established before the lawsuit ever occurs or the courts may look less favorably upon those that use this avenue after the fact in order to hide assets from their creditors." If there is one thing Kevin Wessell stresses about asset protection strategies, it is the necessity to do it now before a potential lawsuit ever occurs.

For those that have their money tied up in investments such as real estate properties, 1-800-COMPANY.com even provides easy financing options for their clients to protect themselves from lawsuits. "You wouldn't drive a car without insurance; you wouldn't own a home without insurance. Think of asset protection as your financial wealth protection insurance," concludes Mr. Wessell.

For more information about the Cook Islands trust or other asset protection strategies, call for a free consultation. Even if you aren't ready for asset protection but only have questions, 1-800-COMPANY.com is available to go over your requirements and provide you with the best solution for your needs. Their telephone number is: 1-800-COMPANY (800-266-7269) or visit OffshoreCompany.com

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