1-877-VIOLATION Continues to Expand Nationwide

Delray Beach, Florida (PressExposure) October 29, 2008 -- In a recent interview Brad Beckwith of 1-877-VIOLATION Inc and http://www.1877violation.com spoke of the growing importance of marketing in the law business. "The rules of marketing in the legal industry have changed, Attorneys can no longer just rent an office space, hang a diploma on the wall, run a yellow pages ad and expect to do business. With the internet and search engine marketing, lawyers are going to have to be more cutting edge if they want compete" The brand 1-877-VIOLATION gives law firms nationwide an identity and a brand name that clients can associate with the law firm of their choice. "Vanity numbers and vanity branding can be expensive, so we have created a vanity brand that attorneys can benefit from without putting in the time or effort. Our brand is turnkey" Said Beckwith. The vanity brand 1-877-VIOLATION can be licensed from 1-877-VIOLATION Inc for only $299.00 a month. So the fees from just one client would pay for the service. With that license any law firm can have the exclusive rights to the county of their choosing. http://www.1877violation.com has an automated telephone system that routes all calls made to 1-877-VIOLATION directly to the office of an attorney in the county the call was generated from. Lawyers who license the brand are also encouraged to use the brand that has been created in their own marketing. "If your going to go out and spend the money to market you need to remember a few things, first of all money spent on marketing is not an expense, its an investment, with a return. To take that hard earned money and put it towards an ad with a numeric phone number that nobody will remember is a waste. Vanity numbers are 6-10 times more likely to be remembered than numeric numbers and they will increase your ROI by 25%. Vanity brands work, that's why 90% of fortune 500 companies use them." 1-877-VIOLATION has seen a rapid expansion in license holders nationwide. Their growth in the northeast and in California has given them a coast to coast presence. Mr. Beckwith talked about that growth as well. "There are 3100 counties nationwide and we intent to have a license holder in each one of them. Since some firms buy multiple counties we expect to have close to 2000 firms nationwide marketing 1-877-VIOLATION in their local area. Combine that with our national marketing and internet marketing efforts and you have created a very strong household name." As far as business development has been, Beckwith feels that the strength of their product has given them an edge. "When we target an area to sign up license holders, it does not take very long for a firm to lock up the license. For the firms that get it, Our product is simple, effective and a no-brainer for any firm that wants to increase their business."

For law firms nationwide that wish to license the product from http://www.1877violation.com can call 561-215-1340 or they may visit [http://www.1877violation.com/register.html] to sign up online.

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