12 Volt Solar Battery Website Launched to Educate Consumers about Solar Batteries and Battery Chargers, Avoid Needless, Duplicate Chargers

Asheville, NC (PressExposure) January 26, 2012 -- "Consumers burn up batteries by overcharging them and also waste lots of money buying the wrong chargers" said Jim Hunter, spokesperson for the website. "We built this website to save consumers the wasted money and help them avoid creating problems by buying the wrong type or unnecessary charges."

The website shows consumers the specialized types of 12V solar batteries available in the marketplace such as marine solar battery and car solar batteries, how best to charge the devices and avoid problems with them, according to Hunter. Another section of the site illustrates other uses for the chargers such as using solar chargers for digital camera and camcorders. Another user for the chargers is to charge iPhones and I Pads and laptops while in the wild. This website was developed after Hunter noticed that there was very little information on the internet to assist consumers with these decisions.

Another example of lack of information is the 12V deep cycle batteries. These batteries are designed for hours of continuous discharge and are used in boating, for trolling motors, in PV arrays,and for golf carts. Chargers for these batteries have to rapidly charge at first, then switch to a slower rate. "Getting this wrong will ruin a battery," said Hunter. "While, in theory, any charger can charge a battery, if you don't match up amperage and time-to-recharge, you can ruin the battery. On the site we go over this in more detail."

12-volt solar batteries can come in different wattages and the wattage of the battery chargers must be matched to the battery they are charging in order to avoid overcharging the battery or charging it at less than an optimum rate. For example, some batteries are designed for rapid discharge while others are designed for slow discharge. The charging rate of the charger must be matched to the battery being recharged.

To save money on batteries and chargers, visit www.12vsolarbattery.com or contact Jim Hunter at jim@12vsolarbattery.com


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