1800Pools Introduces New Swimming Pool Covers with Safety and Maintenance in Mind

Lawrenceville, NJ (PressExposure) August 21, 2011 -- Pool owners understand that while their water attraction is responsible for loads of fun for friends and family alike, pools are notoriously maintenance nightmares if some simple rules are not followed. One of those rules to which many pool caretakers adhere is the strict use of swimming pool covers [http://www.1800pools.com/Swimming_Pool_Covers.html] when the situation warrants it. An open pool with still waters is an inviting environment for both plant and animal life. Undisturbed, the pool's water can become host to numerous parasites and some can be dangerous to humans. At best, an open pool will, over time, accumulate countless debris from nearby foliage. At worst, it can become an unmitigated ecosystem for unwanted creatures. Fortunately, prevention is oftentimes as simple as the application of swimming pool covers and judicious use of swimming pool supplies.

Pools are wonderful attractions to friends and family alike, a welcome respite from the daily grind for adults, and for children, an exciting way to have an enjoyable care free moment under the sun. However, unlike most home entertainment pieces, the pool requires consistent maintenance in order to sustain safety and economic considerations. An unmaintained pool will sooner or later result in unpleasant costs for owners when they decide to use the pool, only to find out that it is not in any condition for humans to frolic in. Maintenance, when carefully planned out, is neither difficult nor necessarily costly. The key is to employ quality swimming pool supplies on a regimented basis, and not to break with recommended maintenance schedules.

Swimming pool supplies such as swimming pool covers and all sorts of pool-specific implements are the specialty of 1800Pools. Swimming pool supplies vendor 1800Pools has been a trusted partner of pool owners and pool maintenance since the company splashed onto the scene several years ago. Their hard won loyalty has been predicated on delivering the right products and backing it up with exceptional customer service that is quite frankly is second to none. 1800Pools has proven to be a one-stop shop for everything pool related, and their commitment to delivering only the best is evidenced by their efforts to constantly revamp the products they offer in order to stay in alignment with customer needs.

1800Pools encourages their customers to protect their pools year round, not only for maintenance purposes, but also for safety reasons. An unmaintained pool can host microorganisms and bacteria that can prove to be harmful to humans. But beyond that, safety products such as swimming pool covers protect the young ones and even untrained pets from venturing into a dangerous environment. Young children can accidentally fall into a pool with catastrophic results. Cats, dogs and other pets can also find themselves in the water with no idea on how to get out. A swimming pool cover alleviates such concerns, and is a small investment towards family safety.

"Increasingly, the pool is becoming a focal point of family entertainment, but it is not exactly maintenance free and when left open, can become a concern for young ones and pets. Fortunately, with the proper use of swimming pool supplies and the implementation of a swimming pool cover, the aforementioned concerns can easily be mitigated," explains Kris Bohnberger of 1800Pools

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