1st Choice Grease Offers Innovative Used Cooking Oil and Grease Collection and Recycling in Texas

Humble, Texas (PressExposure) July 22, 2011 -- 1st Choice Grease is one of the many oil collection and oil recycling centers based in Texas. What makes this business unique from other oil collection and recycling facilities is that it offers to pay businesses and establishments for their grease. They also recycle 100% of the used cooking oil they are able to collect.

1st Choice Grease has a history of using innovative oil and grease collection techniques and recycling processes. They have also advocated the use of environmentally-friendly practices at the same time dedicating their business to the proper disposal and recycling of oil and grease in the state of Texas. Family owned and operated, they have over three generations of experience in the business.

Recycling and proper waste management is not something new. In the early 1990s, federal governments in the United States made significant steps in promoting environmentally-friendly practices and they continue to do so by organizing local projects that educate households about the benefits and importance of recycling, using energy-efficient materials and sustainable living. The Commission on Environmental Quality in Texas made the move to take care of oil and grease waste by implementing the Used Oil Collection, Management and Recycling Act. "To reduce oil-related environmental pollution, the 74th Texas Legislature amended the state's used oil program (Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 371) by passing the Used Oil Collection, Management and Recycling Act, Senate Bill. This law became effective on September 1, 1995 and it banned the land filling and dumping of used motor oil and created the recycling program.

There are a lot of oil collection and recycling businesses across the United States and these organizations not only contribute to the protection of our planet. Some individuals and entities do not recycle the oil they collect purely due to environmental reasons. Oil collection and oil recycling has now become a sustainable business.

Re-selling the recycled grease and cooking oil can be profitable. At the same time oil recycling centers are also accomplishing a huge step in conserving energy and fuel resources and managing oil waste in homes and businesses.

Federal governments such as those in Texas are thankful for these oil recycling companies because it allows them to achieve their objectives for environmental protection and sustainable living. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has even mandated the guidelines for oil collection and recycling and 1st Choice Grease is in complete agreement with the aims of the commission and Senate Bill 1863. "The purposes of SB 1683 are: to ensure that the state's used oil program would be consistent with and not more stringent than the federal program for the management of used oil under 40 CFR Part 279, unless otherwise required by state or federal law and to establish a program for collection centers that accept used oil in small amounts (up to 55 gallons).

1st Choice Grease is not just your typical used cooking oil and grease collector and recycling facility. They continue to offer services and programs with the highest standards for safety and cleanliness. They are dedicated to providing grease and used cooking oil collection and recycling for the state of Texas. They are committed to programs that are crucial to environmental protection.

About 1st Choice Grease Service

The author aims in imparting his knowledge regarding the proper disposal of used cooking oil and grease in homes as well as business establishments.

Congealed oil in water pipes at home and in commercial facilities can cost you in terms of plumbing repairs. Improper disposal of used oil can also contaminate watersheds, water treatment systems, the ground and negatively affect sewage systems.

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