2009 Leaves People Job-Hunting - Psychotherapist's Suggestions to get an Interview

Tampa, Florida (PressExposure) February 20, 2009 -- The year 2009 has provided more depression than hope to job seekers. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the Department of Labor disclosed in their report this February, it was shown that the unemployment rate in the country has been continuously increasing for the last year. This is alarming to the employed and the unemployed—especially to the people who are looking for their first jobs.

Job-hunting can difficult and even harder now because of the recession we’re in today. Competition will be fiercer than ever and a lot of job seekers may find themselves with anxiety because they can’t find a job. According to Creating Positive Outcomes therapist Christine Hardway, “The lack of jobs in the market and the increasing rate of unemployment has a negative effect on our citizens. Not only will it lower community morale, it may also shatter the self confidence of the job seekers who are constantly being rejected by companies.”

Luckily, there are different techniques job seekers can use to cope. Creating a schedule on when to apply for a job is the first step. This should include researching potential companies that a person would like to work for. During these times, it is very important to stay positive. As Christine Hardway puts it, “Enthusiasm and motivation is everything in these desperate times.”

This is also the time to stand out from the competition. Christine Hardway proposes that jobseekers should consider hiring professionals to write their resumes. Getting hired after all starts with a great resume. Jobseekers that hire professionals are seeing immediate results to get recognized by perspective employers.

Networking can also help jobseekers in landing their dream job. Ms. Hardway could not stress this importance enough. “This is the time for people to value their network. People should be more enthusiastic with meeting and learning from others. This can build the self confidence which can help a person land their dream job.” When networking the person you speak to does not need to be directly connected with the job you are interested in. Consider that it may serve more to decrease one’s anxiety and to boost self-confidence.

Once a resume is submitted, persistence is the secret of successful jobseekers. Following up without sounding desperate is the right path. There are lots of qualified people looking for jobs in these depressing times. A person should do everything to stand out and land that interview.

Of course, landing the interview is just the first step. In Part-2, we will provide strategies to go from getting the interview to getting the job. Learn more ways to land that dream job even during a recession. Ms. Hardway provides specific advice to help you on what to do once you get the interview.

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