2011 - Spam Sites and How Google Will Deal with Them

Kolkatta, India (PressExposure) March 11, 2011 -- Spam sites are one of the issues that Google has recently announced to address this year. They said that they would be taking more effective actions against these spam sites as well as those sites that are considered to be "Low quality Sites".

Here are some of the Strategies that Google may implement:

Down Ranking Content Farms

Content Farms are basically sites that contain low quality content and are usually made for exploiting AdSense ads only. If your site has these qualities then it would definitely have a hard time in remaining indexed by Google this Year.

Google also announced a few clarifications regarding the use of AdSense on websites and these clarifications are as follows:

1. Proper actions will be taken against sites that are violating the quality guidelines of the Ads that are powered Google.
2. Google rankings are not affected by displaying Google Ads on the site
3. The site's rankings as well as the search results are not increased or affected at all by the act of buying Google Ads.

Tagging Other Websites as Spam

Google, in one of their recent online discussions with SEO experts also discussed the issue about the possibility of having users acquire the option of removing sites from their own search results. They said that it is really being considered as one of the future steps that they may take to further improve the quality of the search services that they offer.

Ranking with Cloned Sites

Sites that are made to get high rankings by the method of cloning content from other websites are also going to get dealt with by Google. These sites take advantage of the long tail keywords that are listed on other websites so that they can easily get the high rankings that they need.

Google mentioned that the occurrences of these clone sites are becoming lesser this year and with the addition of an algorithmic change this year, these clones sites would be controlled more.


If you would not want these things to happen to your site then make sure that your sites have good quality contents as well as backlinks. If your site has these then you can rest assure that your site would be given a higher ranking in the search results by Google this year.

Google is constantly evolving and for any SEO expert, it is a very important thing to remember if they would want to succeed in their SEO campaigns is to never mess with Google and their guidelines.

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