2011 Legislation Now Allows You to Collect Unemployment Up to 99 Weeks with an Unemployment Extension

Austin, Texas (PressExposure) May 21, 2011 -- If you have heard about unemployment extension and would like to know how to apply, its benefits and how long it will last, then you will find this article helpful. First of all, you need to know that the 2011 legislation now allows you to collect unemployment up to 99 weeks with an unemployment extension.

Traditionally, this extension would last for 26 weeks. In case your state carries a higher level of unemployment, it''s more likely for you to get extension benefits. When unemployment is at its highest this is identified to be over 9%. Once your benefits get closer to its expiration date, the state will get in touch with you about submitting an application to get unemployment extension.

When you get this extension, this will allow you to continue benefiting from unemployment incentives once the initial 26 weeks ends. There are actually two kinds of extensions: Emergency Unemployment Compensation or EUC and the Extended Benefits or EB. These are a few of the features of the EUC:

The EUC was implemented after legislation was passed in 2008 and had been established to run out by the end of 2009, but it was extended to January 3, 2012.

This states that you will be entitled to the extra weeks based on the unemployment rates in your state.

The extended time in a state with unemployment rate less than 6% would be 20 weeks, whilst states with over 6% will get an extension for 33 weeks.

A few of the EB features:

After the expiration of the EUC, the Extended Benefits will allow you to get extra extension of benefits, based on the unemployment rate in your state.

In case the unemployment rate in your state is over 6.5% this means that you are qualified to get 13 weeks extension. On the other hand, in case the unemployment rate in your state is over 8%, you are only qualified for 7 weeks of extension benefits, giving you an overall total of 20 weeks.

Note that the Federal extensions for unemployment can be extended to 99 weeks for states with a higher unemployment rate and this is set to carry on through to 2011.

In case you are working based on legislation for unemployment extension and you are getting one of the four tier benefits under the Emergency Unemployment Compensation scheme, then this will make you eligible to proceed to the next tier. If you''re unemployed and collecting benefits under the Extended Benefits scheme which provides individuals with extra benefits between 13 - 20 weeks in a state with a higher unemployment rate, then this will also make you eligible to receive benefits.

File your Unemployment Extension with step-by-step instructions both quickly and efficiently at http://www.unemployment-extension.org.

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