20 Articles Accepted in Ten Weeks - Challenges to Darwinism as Proven Science

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) February 05, 2009 -- During the past ten weeks, Aaron L. Kolom has had twenty Ezine articles accepted for publication, many on arcane science, in fields as varied as Einsteinian Relativity, Archaeology, Biology, Egyptology, Paleontology, etc. to deep-sea diving and mountain-climbing, the articles taken mostly from his recent book, BrainWashed* and Miracles** (*The Perceived Mind-Set of the Secular Elite re Darwin-Evolutionism; **To Believe in them - Have Faith - in Science and Logic!)

The material is science-based (in layman's language), driven by fact and logic, not religious faith, challenging the mind-set of our most educated and intelligent who believe D-E is proven science. Kolom's argument: by quotes of pro-Darwin scientists in all relevant fields (their frank admissions of mysteries in their research show they cannot prove what their advocates claim); then by a pantheon of scientists who challenge D-E with a litany of astronomical improbabilities; by developments in cosmology which support the Bible - 13.7 billion years since the Big Bang initiated our universe vs. six days of Genesis (Einsteinian time-dilation physics, with some fascinating items about "time" during cross-country flights and for astronauts on the moon) - by the seeming uniqueness of Earth as a life-tolerating planet - by 21st century artifacts, logic and extra-biblical proof that miracles had to have occurred 3500 years ago at the Red Sea, just as told in the Bible.

In the articles (and book) Kolom challenges our elite to examine their beliefs of D-E and Bible, whether or not they, and most of our culture, have been "brain-washed" by persuasion of atheistic conviction rather than fact and logic! (Note: Recent documentary film "Expelled" - teachers who dare to challenge Darwinism.) Articles also, cover diverse subjects as America's present financial debacle and the potential threat to Western civilization by present-day religious-political developments world-wide.

About A.L.Kolom & Assoc. Inc.

Aaron Kolom qualifies as a “rocket scientist” with over 50 years aerospace engineering, from Stress Analyst to technical and program management, to Corporate Executive, on numerous aerospace programs : North American Aviation, Rockwell International Corp., TRE Corp., also Structural Consultant to industry and government. Kolom was awarded the NASA Public Service Medal for his work as Asst. Chief Engineer on the Space Shuttle program through its first three flights.

Visit website at [http://www.brainwashedandmiracles.com] to learn a bit about Science vs Bible (from conflict to confirmation), http://www.definingmoment.tv (two interviews on book), and “Aaron Kolom – EzineArticles”.

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