3-Dimensional Solar Cells may enhance PV Efficiency

Delhi, India (PressExposure) May 03, 2007 -- Inimitable 3-Dimensional solar cells, which capture almost all light that hits them, may boost PV (Photovoltaic) systems’ efficiency while cutting down its mechanical complexity, weight, and size.

The mechanism behind new 3-D (3-Dimensional) solar cells is that they seize photons coming from sun rays through a string of tiny “tower” structures. These structures have a close resemblance to skyscrapers buildings in the grid of city streets.

"Our goal is to harvest every last photon that is available to our cells," as per Jud Ready, senior research engineer for Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory at GTRI (Georgia Tech Research Institute). Azonano published the statement of Ready on April 17, 2007. "By capturing more of the light in our 3D structures, we can use much smaller photovoltaic arrays. On a satellite or other spacecraft, that would mean less weight and less space taken up with the PV system."

Near term applications can use the cells for powering spacecraft. By allowing efficiency enhancements in PV coating materials, the cells may also transform the way in which solar cells are made for an extensive range of applications.

"We have demonstrated that we can extract electrons using this approach," said Ready. "Now we need to get a good baseline to see where we compare to existing materials, how to optimize this and what's needed to advance this technology."

There’re numerous hurdles in the way of commercial production of new cells, for instance, ability of these cells in surviving the ‘launch and operation’ in space needs to be confirmed before their implementation in such applications. Also, production techniques need to upgrade from the 2-inch laboratory prototype at present.

RNCOS report “Photovoltaics - A high potential market opportunity (2005-2010)” notifies, “In spite of the high cost of photovoltaic modules there’s been significant investment, particularly in developed countries, on R&D in photovoltaic. Over the past decade, PV industry grew at an annual rate of 25-30% and this growth will be further sustained by innovations in this sector, such as 3-Dimensional solar cells."

Key issues analyzed in this report include: opportunities that exist in the Photovoltaic industry, impact of the government support programs on the overall industry, various application areas for PV technology, potential emerging photovoltaic markets, drivers for photovoltaic market, etc.

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