3 Step Process for Getting The Body You Want in 2007

Salt Lake City, Utah (PressExposure) December 15, 2006 -- Tired and frustrated of struggling with what hasn't worked to get the body you want? Give up the diet and exercise regime and do what really works to transform your health. Leverage the power of your thoughts and beliefs to allow the success that's eluded you until now. This three step process will powerfully launch the results you desire:

1. Discover Existing Belief
Answer this question: "What must I be believing about myself and my body to be where I'm at now?"

Maybe you recognize a belief that it's no fun to work out, or that change is hard. Maybe you believe nothing will work; that you're destined to be stuck where you're at. Or maybe it's that you're not capable of doing what it takes.

Look at what your current beliefs are that have created the situation you're in now.

2. Create New Belief
Once you're aware of what your current (usually) sabotaging belief is, ask yourself: "What would I have to believe in order to have the body I want?"

To be in the shape you want, maybe you would have to believe that you know what to do. Perhaps it's that you're strong enough to take the actions you know will work, or that you are capable and committed to getting what you want. Once you know the belief that will support the results you want, your work is to embrace that belief.

3. Bridge the Gap
Embrace that newly identified belief by using this bridging technique. Think of a belief that is one step improved from your existing belief. Remember, baby steps! You're not trying to cross the whole gap at once.

For example, if your current belief is that you don't have the willpower required to succeed, a baby-step improved belief might be that in some situations, for some things, you do exert willpower. Or perhaps it's that you can create a small amount of willpower under certain circumstances.

Once you've embraced your baby step belief as truth, create another one that's just a natural step up. Again, don't take too far a leap from your newest belief. As you continue to step up your beliefs over time, you'll find before long you're in alignment with the new belief that allows the success you desire.

Because our thoughts and beliefs drive our results, embracing beliefs that support what you want is critical to your success! Once you believe something different about yourself, your actions naturally follow suit and lead you to the body you've always wanted for the New Year.

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