3 Things People Overlook in a Postcard Design

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) May 10, 2008 -- There is no denying that more and more people are utilizing postcards in their personal or business needs. Because of this, printing companies on the web are constantly looking for ways to make postcard design easier to learn.

These companies have made it so easy to make postcards that even a child with no experience at all can design his or her own postcards with just a few clicks of the mouse. Yes, its relative ease has its advantages. But it also makes you overlook things that could improve and make your design more effective.

Number 1: Simple is not boring

People think that the word simple is synonymous to the word boring. They are wrong. Simple and boring are two different words with two different meanings.

• Being simple means communicating your ideas effectively to your audience and putting your message across in a very clear manner. While it is true that being simple can border on boring by some, being over the top as a solution never works well as well.

• Overpowering your message with clutter is one way of sabotaging your design. And this idea leads us to the next one.

Number 2: Exercise restraint

Some printing companies online offer free design tools that help you customize your very own and unique postcards. This gives you the power to tap unlimited potential and opens up endless possibilities in both your layout and your design.

• However, many people have yet to learn the value of restraint. Given the freedom to choose and do anything, people just tend to do too much. Often you see postcards with too many pictures or images that it masks the message that the postcard was designed to get across.

• Learn to control the urge to add more. Instead, think the other way around. Ask yourself, what part of the postcard is not helping with the design? Which parts can I take away?

• Peter Parker was right when he said that with great power comes great responsibility. You have the power to make any design but you are also responsible for making it effective.

Number 3: You can use the back

It is very understandable why designers focus much attention to the front side of the card. It is where the image or headline is placed. It is what makes the readers interested enough so that they will read what you have to say.

Because of this, many people tend to forget about designing the backside of the postcard. They dismiss the back side simply as the stamp side or the place where you could write your personal notes to the person you are sending it to.

The people doing this are depriving themselves of fully maximizing the capabilities of postcards. They forget that postcard have become more than just a piece of mail. It is your own greeting card, invitations card and more. Design both sides of your postcard or ably integrate the back side as a part of your whole design.

Elicit a response from your recipient and use the backside of a postcard to do so. You can put information about your company and the services you provide. You can include here things that normally would clutter up the front side.

The back part of the postcard is the most versatile part you can use in your postcard design. You can put anything you want in it and it will surely add to a goof, first impression.

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