3 Way's To Overcome Communication Barriers

Tujunga, CA (PressExposure) January 18, 2012 -- Some things seem to be so easy but graphing them into words is a tough task. Communication falls under such a category. Before we actually come to know, we are already a part of the big circle of communication connecting the whole universe. The path followed by a message from a sender's mind to receiver is known as communication. A communication is said to be complete when the message is correctly interpreted by the receiver and a useful response results from receiver's end. This response is known as feedback. While giving the feedback the receiver becomes the sender and the whole process continues the same way forming a dynamic and never-ending chain of communication.

An effective communication is the one in which the clarity and integrity remains the same while encoding the message till the decoding of messages comes into force. The objective of sending the message should not be compromised with. While sending the message one should be focused, open-minded and fully equipped with the skills of carrying out a healthy communication. Communication is not only about projecting one's thoughts but a good receptive mind is what marks the destination of the communication process. It is the attitude and knowledge level of the receiver which determines the nature of the communication. Good understanding between the sender and the receiver is what makes a communication effective. The hurdles in the flow of an effective communication are known as communication barriers.

Communication barriers are responsible for the breakdown of a communication and thus the link between the people carrying it, making the communication process ineffective. It becomes mandatory to overcome all sort of barriers in the communication. The major barriers in a communication process are the physical deformities, linguistic problems, cultural inequalities and psychological hindrances. The ways to overcome these barriers are:

1. Short: Every time you carry out a conversation, make sure to make your message short and to the point. Unnecessarily stretched messages will allow the receiver's to wander around making the communication ineffective. Continuity and spontaneity in the conversation will make it even more delightful for both the ends.

2. Strength: The communication should always have an aim. The aimless communication can never last. The sender should have full faith in this message only then the receiver will seek reliability in the same. Factual information strengthens the content of the message and suitable examples act as tempting garnishing.

3. Simple: The language of the message should be simple and away from all sorts of complexities. The sender should smartly pluck out the message from the jungle of ideas. The message should be according the capacity of audience. Overflow of the information should be avoided. it should be conveyed in such a smooth manner that even the laymen could easily understand it.

There is no communication which does not bump into the communication barriers but an effective communication is the one which stands strong upon all the difficulties.

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