40-Somethings - Don't Call Us Baby Boomers

Tampa, FL (PressExposure) June 13, 2008 -- There is a previously unacknowledged generation rising up and flexing its muscle in America today - and not a moment too soon.

In many ways, it is the most powerful generation ever raised in America, except that it doesn't even know it exists yet. A new Book, "Rise of the Ambassador: An Invisible Generation Discovers Itself" will change all that, while turning the old "Generation Jones" theory on its head.

Because of its unique placement in history, this generation was destined to change the world from the very beginning. Indeed, it already has - profoundly so. There has never been a generation with the combination of perspective, experience, and ability that this one possesses.

"More than any other generation alive today, the Ambassador Generation represents Hope," says author Lance T. Walker. No one else has our ingrained sense of Old School values, combined with our command of New School technology as tool, not just toy. No one else shares our historical perspective. No one else has lived the kind of life we've lived - ever."

Sandwiched between the Baby Boomers and Generation X, the Ambassadors are defined by the changes in America following the Supreme Court's historic Brown vs. Board of Education in 1954. They were shaped by their participation in the great school integration efforts of the 60s and 70s.

According to Mr. Walker, the Generation Jones concept correctly identifies a "lost generation" that grew up during the sixties. However, it misses the boat completely when trying to explain the reasons why they fell off the radar.

"It wasn't just a matter of promises made and not kept," says Lance. "The Sixties Kids vanished from view because of the Boomers' reaction to the violent suppression of the civil rights movement, the trauma of a series of high profile assassinations, and ultimately the loss of the entire liberal agenda after the election of Richard Nixon as President in 1968."

Contrary to the image of a bunch of spoiled, rich, conservative-leaning suburbanites the Generation Jones theory describes, the real picture of the Ambassador Generation is one of well-disciplined children, urban, suburban, and rural, who were forced to bear the weight of the country's desegregation effort because adults simply refused to do so.

It's also a story of deep suffering and ultimate victory, as the Ambassadors were targeted by not one, but two deadly plagues in the 1980s that threatened to wipe them off the map while they were still in there teenage years.

Mr. Walker paints a compelling portrait of a strong, determined generation that was trained to beat the odds before they even learned to read. As a result, a nation of leaders was created, and it's been quietly seeking its identity while awaiting its opportunity to emerge from the shadows.

It has now found both, as well as a standard-bearer in the person of the new Democratic Presidential nominee, Barack Obama.

According to the book, this means the Ambassadors are much more than just a demographic to be marketed to. Rather, they represent a can-do way of thinking that the world desperately needs.

Rise of the Ambassador is fascinating reading. It describes familiar historical events from an entirely different perspective than the one we are used to seeing. It is also a straightforward indictment of the right-wing conservative agenda in place over the last 40 years.

Easy to read, entertaining, and at times shockingly insightful, the book convincingly describes how the "Children of the Dream" have been training their whole lives for a mission of national hope and reconciliation, which they alone possess the skill set to complete.

More than just a commentary, it also proposes a step-by-step agenda for the Ambassador Generation to focus on achieving immediately. "This world already has more than its share of hawks and doves, sharks and carp, wolves and sheep", says Lance. What it desperately needs more of is Ambassadors".

This thought-provoking new book is now available in print, ebook, and audio formats through the web site, ambassadorgeneration.com.

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