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1552 Goldcliff Circle Washington, DC (PressExposure) May 08, 2009 -- Web Design is the art and process of designing and developing a web page or a web site. It involves elements of design, aesthetics, and functionality. The content in a web page is presented skillfully and delivered to an end-user through the World Wide Web through a web browser.

According to a Los Angeles web design company, a markup language is used to create a web page. An expert on Los Angeles web design explains that a markup language is a set of annotations to text that describe how it is to be structured, laid out, or formatted. The commonly used languages are HTML and XHTML.

Web designers also use style sheet language, a computer language used to describe the presentation of structured documents. It is used to style documents written in markup languages. One of the most popular style sheet languages is CSS or cascading style sheets. According to a Los Angeles website design firm, CSS is commonly used in many web sites. It is designed to enable separation of document content from document presentation. A priority scheme is specified to determine which style rule applies if more than one rule matches against a particular element. These rules form cascades or priorities/weights.

Below are some of the best sites designed with CSS (in no particular order).

1. Baritchi (www.baritchi.eu)

2. Let it Bleed (www.letitbleedbook.com)

3. Branded07 (www.branded07.com)

4. FBrushes (www.fbrushes.com)

5. Gidrb (www.gidrb.com)

6. Fatburgr (www.fatburgr.com)

7. Aperfolio (www.aperfolio.com)

8. Designlots (www.designlots.com)

9. Vermont Coffee Works (www.vemontcoffeeworks.com)

10. Digital Mash (www.digitalmash.com)

11. The Resume Girl (www.theresumegirl.com)

12. Veboolabs (www.veboolabs.com)

13. Flickr’s Finest (www.flickrsfinest.com)

14. Ultranoir (www.ultranoir.com)

15. Kineda (www.kineda.com)

16. CSS Ninjas (www.cssninjas.com)

17. Amber Couch (www.ambercouch.co.uk)

18. Good (www.good.is)

19. Wilson Miner (www.wilsonminer.com)

20. DrupalCon, DC (dc2009.drupalcon.org)

21. Housing Works (www.housingworks.org)

22. Merix studio (www.merixstudio.com)

23. Tidy (www.tidy.com.br)

24. LittleLines (www.littlelines.com)

25. Matt Dempsey (www.mattdempsey.com)

26. Anidea (www.anidea.com)

27. Responsible (www.responsible.nl)

28. AppStorm (mac.appstorm.net)

29. Code Riser (www.coderiser.com)

30. Media Temple (www.mediatemple.net)

31. Design by Humans (www.designbyhumans.com)

32. Sawyer Hollenshead (www.sawyerhollenshead.com)

33. Space Worldwide (www.spaceworldwide.com)

34. The Cannibal Queen (www.thecannibalqueen.com)

35. Ryan Orourke (www.ryan-orourke.com)

36. 2pitch (www.2pitch.com)

37. Five Runs (www.fiveruns.com)

38. Cappuccino (www.cappuccino.org)

39. LightCMS (www.speaklight.com)

40. The First Twenty (www.thefirsttwenty.com)

41. Clear Left (www.clearleft.com)

42. Legwork Studio (www.legworkstudio.com)

43. Nine Lion Design (www.nineliondesign.com)

44. Richard Tape (www.richardtape.com)

45. Square Four (www.squarefour.net)

46. Multiways (www.multiways.com)

47. The Netsetter (www.thenetsetter.com)

48. YouLove.Us (www.youlove.us)

49. Luke Larsen (www.lukelarsen.com)

50. Design Disease (www.designdisease.com)

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