5 Rules in Dealing with Poster Printing

Telford, PA (PressExposure) September 07, 2009 -- Are you going to meet the poster printing company today? Well before you go about talking about printing color posters and printing quotations, you want to know first how to properly deal with them.

There are five major rules about dealing a poster printing company that can help you get better and sometimes cheaper deals in poster printing. As your guide, I have written them below for your convenience, hopefully you can learn something useful with these rules.

1. Be the customer not the student - The first thing that you must learn to do is to try to become a true customer and not the student of poster printing. What usually happens at first is that we tend to become the students soaking up what the printer says about poster printing. We begin to think they are the teacher and we agree on what he or she usually recommends.

While this of course may be the easiest route to take, it also exposes you to the charms of the printer. They can recommend more expensive printing options that you might actually not want to have. So it is important to not act like a student in this case. You have to be a customer and ask questions.

Common questions that you should use are "do I really need that in my poster?", is that really practical?", "how much is that?" and the most important question of all, "are there cheaper options?". Ask these questions and more and you should get a good upper hand at the conversation, getting the information you need for cheaper more affordable poster printing options.

2. Know and speak the printing terms - Of course, to be able to speak on the level with your poster printer, it is best to know and speak printing talk. Try to research about all the common printing terms and see if there are articles over the Internet relating to the process of poster printing and other issues. By knowing what is what in the printing world, you should be able to know the good choices from the bad ones for your posters.

3. Haggle and deal until the best price possible - Another great rule is to always negotiate with the printer. Most printers can still be convinced to give you discounts and other special features at a low cost. Since printing is a competitive industry, especially online there is always a chance that you can get better and cheaper deals with some creative thinking and diplomacy. So try to haggle the price down if possible or try get a few discount coupons after printing your first batch.

4. Look for and demand guarantees - Also, before concluding your business, you might want to always get a guarantee from the poster printing company about their quality and the delivery times. The best companies will usually have legal guarantees that should help you trust them even further.

5. Be loyal and reap rewards - Finally, you should also improve your relations with your printer by being loyal and printing with them always. This should give you some currency of good will that can get you extra help and discount coupons for color poster printing.

Great! That should teach you a thing or two about dealing with a poster printing company. Hopefully you will get better and wiser deals because of it. Good Luck!

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