7 Brochure Rules for Marketing

Telford, PA (PressExposure) September 08, 2009 -- Printing brochures for a marketing campaign is not as simple as you think. To be truly effective with your in it, you have to follow seven important brochure rules in marketing.

These rules will help guide and design techniques to better engage readers and attain marketing goals. Your marketing brochures are not just artistic printouts, they have been printed for a specific business goal and that is marketing.

That is why it is important to follow these rules so that you can keep to your goals in business marketing.

For your reference, here are the seven brochure rules for marketing.

1. Talk with your text and your pictures - Brochures are both visual and "textual" in a way. For the proper use of this medium for marketing, you have to mix and match your text and images effectively. You must talk through them by having a concisely written text that is straight to the point, which is supported by equally easy to understand full color pictures.

Never create materials that are just full of text or full of pictures, since both will lack crucial elements that make a brochure effective. Full text brochures are just boring, while brochures with predominantly picture content will lack specific details important to readers. So make sure you get a nice balance of the two so that people will not be bored and have the information that they want easily.

2. Sell something that is uniquely yours - Now, in terms of your content, it is important to have the proper tone for marketing. For brochures this means trying to sell something, that is uniquely yours. Be it important information, a certain product or a tourist destination, you must tell your readers why what you are offering is unique. They must realize that your brochure message is different so that it can be easily remembered when the proper time comes. So find your unique selling point and tell that to your readers through your content.

3. Keep the words simple and inclusive -For the words of the brochure, it is crucial that you always keep things simple and inclusive. You have to lessen the technical jargon and the slang words when possible so that more people will understand your brochure better. This should maximize your impact as you get your message across to the most number of people as possible.

4. Use good text sizes -For proper marketing purposes, your font size should always be larger than the usual. Book font sizes will not usually be enough. 14pt to 18pt font sizes are more or less good, while your headers can go up to 24pt if you like. By using larger font sizes like this, people should have an easier time reading your text, maximizing the potential of the brochure.

5. Divide your brochures into easy sections - Also, to make things easier for the reader and to deliver the marketing message faster, it is a good idea to divide your brochures into different sections. Using subheadings as dividers, people will have an easier time finding the information you need by this kind of partitioning. By reading the sub headers, they can immediately switch to the brochure area that they want to read. This makes the brochure better and easier to deal with.

6. Impress with quality -It is also important to print your brochures in high quality. Expensive looking prints will always impress people and encourage them to read it. In addition, most people will not want to throw away expensive looking brochures since their paper and color qualities are great.

7. Display who and what you are clearly -Finally, for an effective marketing brochure, you have to reserve a section in a design dedicated for the maker of the brochure and of course, that is you. This gives the people a chance to know your contact information as well as procedures on how to avail of the things you are marketing. Make this section easy to understand so that people will not have trouble contacting you for help or for orders and reservations.

These are the seven important rules for brochure marketing that you should apply to your marketing.

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