7 Steps on How to Print Posters like Movie Posters

Telford, PA (PressExposure) January 12, 2010 -- Do you want to make a poster just like those movie posters? Well poster printing in that level can easily be simulated at home. You just need the right tools and techniques in poster printing and design to pull it off.

To help you out, here are my seven simple steps on how to design and print your posters that will look like authentic movie posters.

1. Download a layout or template - First, you must acquire a good template. A template will make printing easier since you will have a nice and ideal foundation to work upon. Not only will the template help you set the dimensions of a proper poster, it will also make the process easier since you will not have to build your design up from scratch. Look for poster printing templates online through printing websites and design blogs.

2. Add your primary Image - Once you have a template ready, just load it up and then add your primary image. This can be a full color photograph of your main subject, or it can be your custom drawn symbol or graphic, which you want to display. It is good to center this onto the poster template, making sure that the scaling of the image is right. Make sure that the image is quite high in terms of its resolution. A 300-600dpi image should be quite ideal for poster printing.

3. Create your Title - Next, you can then create your title. All movie posters display the big title prominently right? You can place your title at the very top, or at the very bottom of the layout. If you do not have cool fonts in your computer, you should try downloading a couple of free and good ones over the Internet. Just play with your fonts and choose then download the best one that you think describes your title. Add shadow and glow effects if you can to make the text title come out quite good.

4. Type in the smaller details - Once the title is done, then you need to add the other smaller text details. This can be the description of the poster and of course the meat of the important message that you can to want to distribute. This can be the prices of your products, or the pertinent details of your cause. It can be a list of show times, or it can just be a string of slogans and quotes that you like to impart.

Make sure that the text can easily be read. Try to choose a font that is far simpler to understand. Also, try to regulate the size and color of the text so that they do not overpower the image and the title. It is good to just use black or white ink with this depending on the color of your background.

5. Add a border - Also, do not forget to add a border or even just subtle framing techniques. Borders provide people with some order in poster design, making things nice and neat within the image. Either you can place borders via the special features in most desktop publishing applications, or you can also download a few custom borders and border fonts that should do the trick quite well.

6. Add in extra details - Of course, with every important thing on the layout, do not forget to just add a few extra details to make your movie poster design quite complete. Adding color gradients, or a full color background should be good. Textures, scratches and small "noise" effects can also add to its completeness. Just use the effects in your software or any downloadable content to achieve this.

7. Polish your design elements - Finally, you should polish everything in your design. Proofread the text, check your color combinations, and see if there are errors, smudges and odd cuts to your poster design. Edit things when necessary and improve them if you get new ideas. Once there is nothing else to correct you should be done with the poster design.

Great! After these seven steps poster printing should be as easy as sending your design to the poster printing service or if you have a good printer, you can also print them at home. As long as you print them with a good quality printer, those movie poster-like personal posters of yours should come out quite well.

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