9 Easy Tips To Make Your Holiday Season Roach And Rodent Free So Say Goodbye To Those Terrible Rodents And Roaches

Mt. Bethel, PA (PressExposure) November 14, 2009 -- Don't serve up a holiday meal and find a roach in the turkey or a mouse across your holiday table. Imagine cranky Aunt Irma coming over and being bitten by bedbugs. Beware! As the cold weather approaches more roaches, rats, mice, silverfish, dust mites, bedbugs, palmetto bugs, water bugs, ants, and fleas show up inside.

Here are simple tips to keep those annoying pests away this holiday season.

1. Clean up food right away 2. Vacuum up all crumbs 3. Vacuum the beds 4. Plug any holes on your walls, floors, and ceilings that lead to the outside 5. Fill in all cracks in floor or around doors with Roach & Rodent Guard powder 6. Seal around doors 7. Don't have green or brown colored walls--it attracts insects and pests because it looks like outside and more pests are attracted to these colors 8. Shake Roach & Rodent Guard all over before company comes and vacuum it up when you vacuum the floors and furniture. 9. Stop water drips

Roach and Rodent Guard protects against the roaches, rats, mice, silverfish, dust mites, bedbugs, palmetto bugs, water bugs, ants, and fleas. Roach and Rodent Guard is a non-toxic natural repellent to keep pests out and kills to permanently remove the pests inside and their offspring while being safe for kids, pets, and food to be around. All of the ingredients are food grade. Roach and Rodent Guard is an easy to use powder that you shake where there is a problem, leave there and wait 4 hours and vacuum up. It lasts 4 months and protects against disease carrying roaches and rodents and cranky relatives.

The National Bug Organization gave Roach and Rodent Guard several thousand bugs to test and the results were astounding. You understand how important this is to you, your family, and friends especially when there are so many diseases going around caused by pests of all sorts. Based on long standing evidence that bugs "hate" particular scents, this naturally occurring combination stops bugs before they stop anywhere near you. This product is safe and powerful; the scent will exhilarate you but not overwhelm you. A non-staining natural reasonably priced product that will protect your loved ones. Many groups of individuals have used this product. People and places such as restaurants, hotels, farms, and even people like construction workers, gardeners, southern home owners, families, and pet lovers who just hate roaches and rodents. The pests won't be your friend but Roach and Rodent Guard(TM) will.

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We're the people who hate pests and bugs.

Roach and Rodent Guard(TM) isn't magic, but you may think it is. This product gives you the comfort of knowing that there is a completely safe and natural answer to all your pest problems. Just the thought of any pest or bug on me gives me the shivers whether it's roaches, rats, mice, silverfish, dust mites, bedbugs, palmetto bugs, water bugs, ants, and fleas, all possess that annoyance that drives people crazy.

Roach and Rodent Guard can be used in the kitchen, even your kitchen cabinets where food is stored. This product is even safe to be on or around your household pets. Don't let these annoying pests ruin your holiday season. Roach and Rodent Guard is created in a green environment using the finest natural and organic materials with alternative energy and 10% will be donated to help animals and trees to create a good environment. NO ANIMALS are Exploited or Harmed for their By-Products in the making of this All Natural Formula! We are passionate about using natural essential oil blends to help people and pets feel stress free and pest free.

Roach and Rodent Guard comes with a free "Natural Solutions to Keep the Bugs Away" Book

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