9 Tips for Mobile Phone Longevity - Make Your Gadget Work Longer and Better

Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) July 13, 2009 -- There is an old saying that no immortal things in the world. This saying couldn’t be more right to describe electronics gadgets in modern times, especially cell phones. Normally, the life span of mobile phones are about two years; if you don’t maintain well, you even couldn’t use it after half an year. Its appearance, batteries, keys, internal parts, etc. are easy to be damaged.

Yes, you could buy cheap phone from wholesale mobile phone [http://www.actfind.com/categories/wholesale-Branded-Cell-Phones/], retail and online shop, but one good quality phone would cost you about $200 at least. Why not let your current gadget work longer and better for you? Simply do some maintenance, you will achieve the purpose.

1. Keep your cell phone away from magnetic environment. The speaker of the phone is magnetic. The magnetic environment will cause phone speakers take in a lot of iron powder - that will reduce the headphone volume and in the worst situation, we users couldn’t hear the callers voice at all.

2. Be careful about using environment. All the mobile phones have tiny holes and crack. They are easily influenced by water, liquid and moisture. Never use your phone in the rain/bathroom or put it beside the A/C exhaust outlet.

3. Put your phone in a safe place. No phone could endure too much accidentally dropping. Keep your phone in your bag, on the clips/leashes most time instead of your hand.

4. Take advantage of a case or "skin" to protect your phones’ surface from scratches or other damages. You know their surface is like women skin.

5. Appropriately charging phone battery is the best way to maximize its battery life. Don’t charge your mobile phone everyday. One charge always lasts about three days. Plus, shut it off periodically, your phone also needs some rest.

6. Don’t use strong chemicals, cleaning agent or detergent to clean your phone.

7. Keep your phone dry all the time.

8. Damp-proof process is needed when you don’t use your phone for a long time. When our phone is used, it will produce certain warmth in the interior and the warmth could help evaporate the internal water vapour. But when we don’t use our phones for a long time, our phone would accumulate vapour inside, which caused damage to internal parts.

9. Seldom use your phone in dust-filled places. The detachable parts of mobile phones are easily affected by the dirt or dust, like battery.

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