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Virginia, Sunrise Valley Drive (PressExposure) June 17, 2009 -- AssociationForce understands that fundraising is a critical factor in the success of many organizations. That’s why we developed a very comprehensive online donation or fundraising software. It allows users to perform online fundraising easily and securely.

Whether you are managing one fundraising campaign or multiple donation causes, AssociationForce’s donation management software will help you to streamline the entire process. The convenience of online fundraising will be something that your donors appreciate, and your organization will benefit from the many terrific features offered by our donation module’s collection and distribution components.

Numerous Options for Collecting Donations Online

AssociationForce offers users several choices in how to set up their online fundraising initiatives. For example, multiple donation causes/fundraising drives can be created and accessed from a centralized location allowing donors to easily specify the beneficiary of their donation. Organizations can also have the option of setting up a catalog of products to sell on-line to generate additional funds for their causes.

Tools to Publicize your Charity and Online Fundraising Efforts

Raising awareness of your organization’s causes is crucial to garnering positive results. AssociationForce simplifies this for you by providing several great methods for publicizing your online fundraising campaign. In addition to an attractive donations collection web page, our donation management software also comes with the ability to execute fundraising e-mail campaigns targeted to your donor base. Your organization can also use AssociationForce to organize and manage special fundraising events and to send automated pledge reminders to members of your organization.

Safe and Secure Collection of Online Payments

AssociationForce makes it easy to collect donations online by securely processing payments made by check or any major credit card. Once an online payment has been received, AssociationForce generates a donation confirmation receipt. Our system can also be set up to gather additional donor information via a custom questionnaire. Testimonials can be captured and published during the online payment process, as well.

Simple Donation Distribution

AssociationForce’s donations management software makes organizing your charities and their associated causes/fundraising drives effortless. Using our system you can mange caseworkers’ workloads, distribute funds to payees, and organize all funds receipts. As you can see, AssociationForce serves as a powerful auditing system for its users.

Detailed Donation Tracking and Reporting

AssociationForce understands how important it is for an organization to maintain a detailed and accurate financial reporting system. Therefore, our donations management software automatically compiles a database of all your organization’s donors and tracks all movement of funds from the time they are collected to when they are dispersed to their respective charity. AssociationForce then utilizes this information to generate extensive customizable financial and administrative reports.

Online Fundraising Benefits

AssociationForce’s donation management software provides benefits such as tremendous flexibility in how you set up and manage your online fundraising. Its numerous automated features also allow your organization not to get bogged down by the many administrative tasks associated with managing a fundraising campaign. However, the bottom-line is that AssociationForce helps you to raise money, and as a result, we help your organization grow and become even more effective.

Single View of Possible Donors AssociationForce help you to better visualize your entire members and donors view. The integrated nature of AssociationForce underneath database enables you to classify your current donors and identify the potential donors based upon your criteria. You can view member status, donor status and their programs involvement. Such an analysis of donor-base greatly simplifies and better directs your fund-raising efforts.

Synchronized Donors Database AssociationForce gives you a single view of your database and all your business functions are linked seamlessly. It eliminates the duplicates from your donors’ database and ensures data integrity. It ensures that your fund-raising efforts are using valid data with no anomalies.

Powerful Filters AssociationForce gives you the flexibility to filter your donor-base the way it suits you most. It delivers you the power to segment your customers and design fund-raising campaign that are highly focused and are tailor-made for the specific donor groups.

Automate Processes for Thinner Employee Structure AssociationForce is suited for organizations with fewer staff, to impeccably automate all your business functions. It enables you to keep a thinner staff and accomplish more with less and deliver more for your cause.

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AssociationForce is a member centric Association Management Software that provides organizations with database driven features to run its key operations. AssociationForce is in the business of providing Associations/Clubs/Non Profit/Educational Institutions flexible & comprehensive Member Management Software. AssociationForce bring together many functions that are offered in separate stand-alone products into single integrated web application. The software is offered to its customers in the form of Software as a Services (SAAS).

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