A 3-Wheel Scooter that Outperforms Other Scooters and Offers a Riding Experience That is Second to None

Hudson, FL (PressExposure) March 10, 2011 -- Top Mobility, the leading retailers of scooters online, is proud to announce the unveiling of the Shoprider Cooper 3-Wheel Scooter. The Shoprider Cooper is unlike any other three-wheel scooter in that it offers users an easily navigable scooter that can traverse any corner, sharp turn, or hard-to-navigate space. It also maintains its durability in the midst of all the riding. With other scooters, the tiller is separated far enough away from the seat that it makes it difficult for users to handle.

Not only is that a problem but the tiller is harder to navigate because the scooter is so front heavy. With the Shoprider Cooper 3-Wheel, a lighter component in the front and back makes it easier to navigate, not to mention that the tiller is built closer to the users' body. Another convenient feature of the Shoprider Cooper 3-Wheel is that it uses connector-less technology.

This technology makes it easier for users to assemble and disassemble the scooter. Disassembly causes issues if the components are strung together with a connector because if the scooter is slightly damaged the connector may stick preventing the components from coming apart. It is especially beneficial to take advantage of this feature because it is lightweight - even the battery component releases easily. The heaviest component to the piece is 26 pounds. Total weight of the scooter is only 67 pounds. The whole scooter itself could be lifted by certain users. The lightweight scooter can easily be taken apart and put on vehicles or airplanes with no hassle.

Each scooter comes with a control panel connected to the tiller so users can see where they stand with their current ride and use certain functions for safety. The battery gauge shows how much power is left in the battery so users can make a move as to what to do next. The control panel also includes an easy to use thumb lever for reverse and forward action. It also holds a speed control dial. All these features are within easy reach of the user.

Speaking of safety for the scooter, the Shoprider Cooper 3-Wheel Scooter comes equipped with anti-tip wheels. Tipping, even on four-wheel scooters, can occur. The ingenious scooter has anti-tip wheels stationed cleverly in the back by the rear wheels. No matter where the user finds their selves, tipping can occur even by bumping a small obstacle like a pebble or gravel. It's unpredictable and all measures must be used to keep the user safe. This scooter offers that.

The tires are also puncture-free tires. These tires make it perfect for users to use it indoors and outdoors. Punctures can happen even with the slightest prick of a shard of glass. These tires make it perfect for users to ride in confidence anywhere they are.

Top Mobility is proud to offer the Shoprider Cooper 3-Wheel Scooter because it is one of the safest most agile scooter in their fleet. When considering buying the Shoprider Cooper or other scooters, consider buying it at Top Mobility.

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Top Mobility provides scooters and other mobility equipment to individuals and health care facilities. They are also leading sellers in mobility accessories such as chair lifts, accessibility ramps, and walking aids.

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