A Bio Floating Island Was Recently Anchored in a Lake by the IL DNR Headquarters. Ion Exchange A Native Wildflower and Seed Nursery Is Where the DNR of IL Purchased Their Floating Island.

Harpers Ferry, IA (PressExposure) June 12, 2013 -- Illinois Department of Natural Resources Headquarters recently purchased a Floating Island from Ion Exchange a Native Plant and Seed Nursery located in NE Iowa. John Wildker, DNR natural areas program manager who is overseeing installation of the project said the floating island will provide wildlife habitat and places for fish to hide that normally are absent from retention and other artificial bodies of water. He said the floating island would be a perfect project for subdivisions or homeowners associations with a small lake or pond.

Floating Islands are made of recycled plastic soda bottles and include wetland plants that eventually will extend their roots down into the water. Besides being a natural habitat for wildlife the Floating Islands also aid in cleaning waterways, ponds and just about any body of water.

Ion Exchange Inc. a native plant and seed nursery is always looking for Green products to aid in the effort to bring naive wildflower, grasses, sedges and rushes back into places were they grew many years ago. The Bio Floating Island fits the bill nicely.

Howard Bright owner of Ion Exchange.Com is quoted as saying "Floating Islands can add aesthetic beauty to your pond or lake. By using native plants, you can choose from rushes, sedges, grasses and wildflowers to enhance your island. Within just a short period of time you will be enjoying the diversity that the island or islands will add to your body of water. Not only are the islands attractive but they provide crucial filtration of your water and improve the quality of your water. The floating islands provide a place for fish to hide. Fish can also feed off the root systems of the plants that grow down through the islands and into the water. The islands need no watering as it becomes a hydroponic mat with a continuous supply of water from your pond or lake.

Nature was first to create floating islands and now we can mimic nature by launching our own floating islands."

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