A Clear Path to Happiness

London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) September 19, 2009 -- With the subtitle A Guide to Leading a Happier Life, this book attempts to give the reader the one thing in life that everyone is aiming for: happiness. What's so special in it, is its ability to clear a true path towards happiness, a path basically consisting of some small and easy changes to take in everybody's life. Interestingly these changes that the book suggests are ones that not only affect the individual, but also the happiness of other people in society, effectively leading to a happier society.

The Great Little Book of Happiness is an easy to read book set out in eight chapters with meditative exercises written in italics so that they are easy to for the reader to see. Each chapter contains a few of these meditations, relevant to the main issue discussed, which means that the readers can move through the book and feel like they are progressing to their ultimate goal.

Inside The Great Little Book of Happiness, life's more crucial feelings and attitudes are elegantly but clearly discussed. The author gently accompanies the readers in a journey of self-discovery and reflection, through the cultivation of forgiveness, generosity, love and compassion, highlighting the importance that every single feeling has in the path to happiness. The law of cause and effect, used to analyse the very reasons of one's own unhappiness, is the starting point, helping the readers to know themselves before anything else.

Andrew Marshall has had years of experience within the fields of meditation and runs workshops and courses on similar subjects. With many different interests, that go from Buddhist thought to t'ai chi, he also runs a website(www.joyousness.org) which is based along the same lines as his book. The Great Little Book of Happiness is to a large extent based on first hand experience and so this proves that the information that Marshall gives to the reader is likely to work should the reader decide to follow it.

This book has the potential to help anybody find true and everlasting happiness through the following of some simple, joyous pointers that, along with a good disposition, may turn your life into something different.

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