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Leeds, United Kingdom (PressExposure) July 27, 2009 -- So you are looking to purchase a laptop or you have already found one and don’t really know what it entails or what extra accessories you will need.

Well hopefully you visited Shop Laptop, the best laptop comparison site in the UK to purchase your new laptop.

With thousands of laptops available the team know exactly what customers look for when purchasing a laptop and make sure they a wide range of laptops online for you to choose from. From Samsung laptops, to Toshiba laptops, the company have some recognised names at affordable prices for you to browse and purchase at your leisure.

The team also have a wide range of HP Laptops [http://www.shoplaptop.co.uk/brand/hp.html], one of the most prestigious companies in the world and well known for their high quality laptops.

The team prides themselves on the ability that they do not list laptop deals [http://www.shoplaptop.co.uk/pages/laptop-deals.html] based on commissions or financial incentives and that all the deals are purely for customer gain and satisfaction.

If you have gone ahead and purchased your laptop or have found the perfect laptop on ShopLaptop then you need to know what accessories you need to buy to work alongside your purchase.

To make sure you don’t forget a thing, Shoplaptop have come up with the top 4 most important accessories you need to buy.

Laptop Bags

It may not be the most exciting purchase but it is definitely worth buying as laptops are more delicate and need to be handled with care.

Make sure you purchase laptop bags [http://www.laptopshop.co.uk/cheapest-laptop-bags.htm] that your laptop can actually fit in and one with a strap so you can balance the weight when carrying it from place to place.

If you will be using it for business meetings it might be a good idea to get a laptop case with extra pockets and storage spaces so you can keep your paperwork or diary in one place instead of carrying two/three bags.

Some of the laptops available on Shoplaptop come complete with a laptop case as they care that your laptop is fully protected and in tip top shape.


Times have changed and laptops and computers are no longer used just for games, playing solitaire or paint or typing word documents in the home.

The Internet has transformed the way we live and work and it is essential that you get hooked up to the Internet as soon as you have purchased your laptop to give you access to the world.

If the whole idea is a little alien to you and you wouldn’t know where to start then ShopLaptop can help.

All of their laptops are built in with wireless systems and can be easily connected to any wifi system within the home, office etc.

In fact, Shoplaptop are so keen to get you hooked to the night, they feature a range of laptops deals online where customers can receive a FREE laptop [http://www.shoplaptop.co.uk/laptops/free-laptops.html] if you pay a monthly cost for your mobile broadband.

USB Drive

The rule to using your laptop is to back up all material and information every day. This is not because Shoplaptop don’t trust their laptops to perform properly or that the customer will do something incredibly wrong, it is just that technology can sometimes be a little unpredictable and it is always a good idea to be prepared.

A USB drive is a little stick that you can use to store all of your documents folders and details so that you and your work is safe.

External Mouse

Track pads on a laptop are great and can get you by in any situation but if you have a mouse it can be really handy when you are working with graphics or other things that require a lot of careful precision.

There have been many different types of mice made for different types of laptops so you don’t have to carry a big hefty mouse that you will find on most static PC’s.

From cords to cordless mice you will definitely see the advantage a mouse can bring.

Established in 2003, Shop Laptop provides unbiased and unrivalled advice on the best laptop deals [http://www.shoplaptop.co.uk/pages/laptop-deals.html] on the market.

The site allows users to browse the website for free knowing that the advice they are receiving is unbiased and that the customer is being put first.

The website also offers a variety of articles and advice across a wide range of queries people have when buying a laptop.

Advice about colour, style, makes and features make this site a valid port call when finding the best laptop deal.

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