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Cebu City, Philippines (PressExposure) April 22, 2009 -- Are you living in an apartment? Well if you are, do you know what an apartment is, in a more technical term? Well, an apartment is a self-contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building. Apartments may be owned or rented. A common alternative term for apartment is flat. The term apartment is favored in North America, whereas the term flat is commonly, but not exclusively, used in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Commonwealth nations. In Malaysian English, flat often denotes a housing block of lesser quality meant for lower-income groups, while apartment is more generic and may also include luxury condominiums.

In some countries the word unit is a more general term referring to both apartments and rental business suites. The word is generally used only in the context of a specific building. E.g., "This building has three units" or "I'm going to rent a unit in this building", but not "I'm going to rent a unit somewhere." In Australia a unit refers to flats, apartments or even semi detached houses. Looking for some philippines properties for sale?? Then visit an online buy and sell shop to learn more about it.

Apartments can be classified into several types. In the US the typical terms are a Studio, efficiency, bedsit, or bachelor style apartment. These all tend to be the smallest apartments with the cheapest rents in a given area. These kinds of apartment usually consist mainly of a large room which is the living, dining, and bedroom combined. There are usually kitchen facilities as part of this central room, but the bathroom is its own smaller separate room.

Moving up from the efficiencies are one-bedroom apartments, in which one bedroom is separate from the rest of the apartment. Then there are two-bedroom, three-bedroom, etc. apartments. Small apartments often have only one entrance. Buy some philippines properties for sale? by visiting an online buy and sell shop.

When there is no tenant occupying an apartment, the apartment owner or landlord is said to have a vacancy. For apartment landlords, each vacancy represents a loss of income from rent-paying tenants for the time the apartment is vacant (i.e., unoccupied). Landlords' objectives are often to minimize the vacancy rate for their units.

The owner of the apartment, typically when transferring possession to the occupant, gives him/her the key to the apartment entrance and any other keys needed, such as a common key to the building or any other common areas and a mailbox key. When the occupant(s) move out, these keys are typically returned to the owner. Learn more about philippines properties for sale? by visiting an online buy and sell shop.

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