A Medical Benefit You Can Give Yourself

Winter Park, FL (PressExposure) June 13, 2008 -- In spite of rising costs for health care and health insurance, there is one "benefit" you can give yourself. It costs nothing, yet can help protect you against needless death or injury. Details are at [http://www.MyEmergencyMedicalFile.com].

Often, an accident or medical emergency can lead to more harm at the hands of rescuers. The problem? Prescription drugs the victims have taken. Or allergies. Or other conditions. Suddenly, drugs meant to save a life create bad reactions.

There is a "golden hour" after an accident or other health crisis. In those precious minutes fast decisions often determine life or death. Paramedics and ER doctors too often must make those decisions with little or no data about their patients.

You can help protect yourself against mistakes if you are ever in a life threatening situation. Medical doctors and first responders say everyone should carry personal health information with them at all times.

Even if you take no medications, they need to know it. Just that little piece of information can speed treatment because it takes away the unknown. Whether or not you have allergies is important, too. So is blood type, date of last tetanus shot, any implants you may have, and much more.

Some people scribble information about their health and medications on a piece of paper and stick it in their wallets. They think it will jog their memory when rescuers or emergency doctors ask them questions. What they don't think about, though, is what happens if they can't speak?

A better solution is your own Personal Emergency Medical Wallet File(tm). The size of a credit card but slightly taller, it fits in a credit card slot. Its bright red banner is easy to spot. This tri-fold card contains space for your personal information, all your doctors' phone numbers, medications, allergies and more.

Best of all, you can create your own wallet file at no cost by going to [http://www.MyEmergencyMedicalFile.com]. Then you can print it in the privacy of your own home. Laminate it to make it last longer if you want, or just print a new one at any time of day or night.

There is absolutely no charge for this service. It was created by David Leake, a heart patient who spent a frightening thirty minutes in his local ER in 2003 while doctors tried to learn what medications were in his system. He'd had angioplasty a few days prior and was given a handful of new prescriptions. Now those new medicines whose names he could not remember were in his blood stream. Doctors withheld treatment for his chest pains, choosing to wait until they knew the names and dosages of those drugs. They feared anything they gave him might conflict with what he had already taken that day.

When he got better, Leake vowed never to place himself in that situation again. Through trial and error, he developed the web site and wallet file that exist today.

Both the site and wallet files are a public service. Leake paid for the site's construction. He still supplements its operation by paying the difference when advertising income falls short of expenses.

"Using [http://www.MyEmergencyMedicalFile.com] is just like online banking," Leake says. Users create a password known only to them. The site uses military level encryption. In fact, personal data is encrypted before storage. That way, even if hackers could bypass the site's heavy duty security, all they would ever retrieve would be garble.

"Young or old, healthy or ill," Leake says, "everyone should carry his or her personal health data in their wallets. Don't opt for electronic devices. What happens if they get wet and short circuit? Bracelets are OK, but how much information can you store on a bracelet?"

About HIPAOS (Health Information Protection and Online Storage) LLC

HIPAOS, LLC, an acronym for "Health Information Protection and Online Storage," is a registered Florida Limited Liability Company. It was founded for the sole purpose of saving lives and preventing needless suffering during medical emergencies.

The company operates the secure web site, [http://www.MyEmergencyMedicalFile.com], and is making it available for free to everyone. The site is funded by the company's founder to the extent not funded by revenues derived from advertising.

Founder Dave Leake (aka "Doctor Emergen Cee"), is a career communicator and a retired Naval Reserve Captain. For several years, he operated his own Central Florida public relations firm exclusively for medical doctors, called "Patient Relations." He conducted low-key marketing campaigns, wrote newsletters and press releases, and offered coaching in communication skills to a variety of large medical practices.

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