A New Ebook About the Biography of a Competent and Graceful Girl Named Pinky

Carson City, Nevada (PressExposure) January 26, 2015 -- The book starts with the birth of Pinky (later to be known among others as, "The Mystery Girl"), an adorable girl with pinky cheeks and therefore, her name. Mommy and Daddy took great care of her until they brought a second new born soon into the family. Pinky, being the sole the attention of the family so far, envied her sister, who gradually grabbed all the attention. It was not long before the two sisters became great friends and held hands together wherever they went, and it became impossible to set them apart. When Pinky went to school at age six, she missed her then best friend, her sister very much.

But soon she made great friends and started to love school and her teachers. She made another two shifts of school, and in her third school, Pinky did not perform too well academically unlike her sister. So she got very unhappy about it, and this had consequences on her O-level and A-level results. As she enrolled in an Engineering University, she decided to be happy and became ambitious, making it a point to be at the very top of her class, while making special friends and helping her classmates all through. And boy, was this a perfect antidote for her!! She did get to the top of her class brilliantly, setting an example for others and also, making up for her previous grievances. The university immediately took her as a faculty member right after her graduation for her exceptional results. Even imparting lectures to her students was a great success for Pinky, and soon she became very popular among her students. She went abroad for higher education and came back to join her old job, from which she was on study leave. In the span of her career, she made two prompt promotions and was greatly envied by others.

One semester, when she was planning on how to end the semester fruitfully by taking final quizzes, assignments and giving the last lectures, and also about rounding up her research with her thesis and project final year students, a streak of thunder and lightening struck her from a bolt out of the blues, and Pinky realized she was being challenged in life. This was too much for her to bear and she decided for a change of places with a change in jobs, which is why she started applying abroad for the post of faculty member in universities. Why was she suddenly challenged in life, she being such a capable, dedicated and caring teacher? What is the mystery and suspense behind her title, "The Mystery Girl" everywhere she went and attended.

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Rosina S Khan, the author of her eBook, "The Mystery Girl" has written lots of scholar papers in conferences and journals. She also writes review reports, as an external reviewer, for manuscripts for a US Journal from time to time. She does love to write, and has a great knack for it definitely. She decided to start writing in another area, fiction-stories ebooks, and she is eventually getting popular in this side too. Her other works in fiction-stories area are "Glimmering Reflections into My Special Friends' Lives" and "Stunning Life Journeys" on free-ebooks.net itself as well.

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