A New Self Directed IRA Industry Emerges Out Of The Ashes Of The Foreclosure Crisis

Austin, Tx 78759 (PressExposure) June 25, 2008 -- For many years the real estate market has been favorable to sellers, house prices have risen steadily while interest rates have been low for buyers. Nationwide, home sales have hit record levels and the market has appreciated nicely. However, most of us have heard of the old adage - what goes up must come down, which unfortunately is true of the real estate market. The real estate market is not immune to its ups and downs.

Since the shift in the economy and as more overextended borrowers fail to make monthly payments, foreclosures are continuing to rise. According to Realtytrac, foreclosures have risen 23 percent in the 1st quarter of this year from the previous quarter.

"The current economic climate has caused many to worry about the economy and the future of their money. This is understandable. However, it shouldn’t cause you to panic. Remember, all economies including the housing market expands and contracts," says Josh Moore with Truly Self Directed IRA (www.irallcpartner.com). "As a matter of fact, on the bright side, now has never been a better time to assess your investment options, especially if you have money sitting idle in a 401k or IRA account."

Several Reasons Why Now is a Great Time to Invest in the Foreclosure Market

"Many wise investors have made the choice to view the cup half full instead of half empty, while others have decided to sit out this economy altogether," Moore continues. Every real estate investor will agree that to make money investing in real estate, you need to find good deals. What is defined as a “good deal?” Simply a good deal is one where you make money when the investment is made. Foreclosed homes are typically lower in price. Savvy investors are able to snatch up homes substantially below market value. This is an excellent place to start, particularly in the current economic climate, because there are so many foreclosures that banks can’t keep up. And, the ideal thing about investing when the market is down is that you can structure your investment so that it even thrives when the economy recovers.

"Many investors, especially IRA investors are putting their retirement funds to work now in the real estate foreclosure market," says Josh Moore. "While others are lamenting the fact that foreclosed homes are on the rise, savvy investors are capitalizing on the down economy, building the foundation for enormous returns for when the market bounces back – and it always does," says Moore.

Using your self directed IRA to invest in real estate, especially now that the economy is in what many view as a recession can pay huge dividends over the next 5, 10 or 15 years from now. It’s simple calculus: buy low and sell high. When do you remember interest rates and real estate prices being so low? Now is the time to buy, not panic, for now you may find some of the best deals you’re going to find for along time.

With home foreclosures on the rise, those with money just sitting earning pennies in a traditional self directed IRA account can put their money to work for them now in the real estate market with a Truly Self Directed IRA. Why is now a great time to be investing in the foreclosure market? Just like in the stock market, investing is all about timing. If you use funds from your Self-Directed IRA account to invest in foreclosures now, when the market is hot again, you’ll be perfectly positioned to reap the gains.

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