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Delhi, India (PressExposure) August 10, 2009 -- Thump, established in 2005, a service provider company promotes knowledge understanding and practice of dance .We track to bring about our mission through promoting dance educating and training students, teachers and those people who have adopted a hectic couch potato life leading to the health problems. Thump is shaped to trigger dance as the strength, expression, movement, diversity, and excellence.

Dance is an art form that crosses barriers of language and gets people together in a celebration of life and therefore has meaning for us all, young and old. Our combined role, as a provider of dance notation programmes and, as an awarding body in event management our organization provides opportunities to enrich the lives of young people through dance education and training, all over the world.

In turn, these provide prospects for individuals to assist in providing these opportunities at a more affordable cost, or to expand the number of activities or opportunities where current funding has not previously allowed.

WHO WECAN BENEFIT Young Dancers: a platform for the student to dance Professionals: Help them to de-stress Families: Zealous towards dancing Established to perk up standards and give a boost to dance training initially within the India, the Academy helps and encourages its choreographers to perfect their teaching skills and pass on this knowledge to their students. There are currently many praiseworthy and adoring choreographers in Thump who train in a fantastic manner to live upto the expectations of the customers. The organization maintains close links with all those involved in the industry, at every level. Dance may also to regard as a form of nonverbal communication between humans, and is also performed by other animals (bee dance, patterns of behaviour such as a mating dance). Motion in inanimate objects may also be described as dances (the leaves danced in the wind), and certain musical forms or genres. Our creative process has employed talented choreographers to observe keenly the dance movement, which he (or an associate) then learns and teaches to others. We provide a number of ways for you to learn and appreciate dance. Whether you are an experienced dancer or a complete beginner, our training and courses will help you to achieve your personal goal. Thump combines performance, choreography, analysis and recording, anatomy, dance notation, and dance appreciation.

We provide the services in the form of D.J. Parties, laser shows, corporate shows, Wedding Parties and fashion shows; etc. We help you to nurture your options as member of a group of people of artists.

Definitions of what constitutes dance are dependent on social, cultural, aesthetic, artistic and moral constraints and range from functional movement (such as folk dance) to virtuoso techniques such as ballet. Dance can be participatory, social or performed for an audience. It can also be ceremonial, competitive or erotic.

Dance movements may be without significance in themselves, such as in ballet or European folk dance, or have a gestural vocabulary/symbolic system as in many Asian dances. Dance can embody or express ideas, emotions or tell a story. Our organization commits loyalty and ensures a complete customer satisfaction to develop a lifelong promising relation with them.

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Our creative process has employed talented choreographers [http://www.thump.co.in] to observe keenly the dance movement, which he (or an associate) then learns and teaches to others.

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