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Hilliard, OH (PressExposure) July 19, 2011 -- The fact that you have started to read this write-up effectively focuses on the importance that you attach to health-related issues. And it indeed is a highly vital issue related to health that would be discussed here. Just like several other people, you too must be concerned about obtaining thorough knowledge about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and understandably so. By the year 2030 and on a worldwide basis, COPD is projected to be positioned at number four, in terms of being the major causes leading to death. In fact, as of the year 1990, it (COPD) was the sixth major cause leading to deaths, globally. The preceding two sentences subtly convey the point that, the World is witnessing an alarming and rapid rise in the incidence of COPD. When the corresponding scenario of the United States for the year 2007 is taken into consideration, it was seen that the US economy had to spend about $42.6 billion towards COPD. This is inclusive of both the costs of healthcare and also decline in productivitresulting from more and more people getting afflicted by this ailment. In light of all that, it is but obvious that you too are in quest of reliable information pertinent to diverse aspects of this ailment.

The recently introduced website, http://copdprognosis.net/, is a direct response to all your concerns about this ailment. The portal has been designed by people who are committed to providing precise details about the ailment (COPD). There is every possibility that prior to knowing about this online location, you might have attempted to get related information from other sources, and yet felt that there is still a lot that you are unaware of. If this is the case, then, there is no hesitation in emphatically stating that the moment you enter into the website , your search ends. There is a highly valid reason for stating so. Crucial information related to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is presented a very vivid manner by the portal. Even those from the non-medical background would be having no problems whatsoever in reading and appreciating the contents.

Along with vital aspects such as oxygen therapy, exacerbations, etc, the website also stresses on a very important fact, which is not known to many. There is no way in which one can equate the diagnosis of COPD with death sentence. Just because a person has just been diagnosed with this ailment does not mean that they start becoming fatalistic. The site emphasizes that, by promptly initiating the related remedial measures, most of the patients can continue with their normal life, unhindered. There is every chance that, till this point of time, even you must have opined that there is no hope at all for people who develop this condition (COPD). In fact, the carefully prepared content of the portal goes a very long way in eliminating several misconceptions that many people have, about this disease.

COPD life expectancy is dealt in detail here . Stage 1 , stage 2 , stage 3 and stage 4 life expectancy is dealt separately. Also the factors contributing to the life expectancy like smoking , age , sex , employment details are dealt in a detailed fashion.

The developers of the website are aware of the fact that, a good website is the one that does not confine itself to just providing the information sought from it. It should also guide the people to other locations on the Internet where, people gain information on several other services, products, issues, etc. Hence, this portal also includes several links that lead the users to sites where, details about oxygen products and health insurance, among others, are available.

At this point, it would very much be relevant to have a brief look at a real instance that goes on to show that COPD is not synonymous with death. Ms. Susie Bowers, who has been a successful newspaper editor, was diagnosed with COPD in the year 2000. The medical experts declared that her condition could only get worse, with passage of time. Though she initially went into intense mental depression, later, Susie decided to combat the ailment with a positive mindset. She became a member of an Internet-based support group, along with making all the needed lifestyle changes. Four years later, it so transpired that there was no deterioration in her condition, and Susie's daily routine went on as usual. Here, the fact has to highlighted that, it was only because she equipped herself with all key details relating to COPD that she managed to prevent the condition from aggravating. And it is this very information that is provided by the website.

So now, there is no need for you to entertain any fears about COPD. Get inspired by the real life instance mentioned above, and assimilate the knowledge given by this portal, and COPD will just lose the power to scare you. You are now just a few clicks away from stating with conviction that you are much stronger than this ailment.


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