A Quick Look at the Unique Features of Mastectomy Bras

Chicago, Illinois (PressExposure) January 15, 2010 -- Losing one or both breasts to breast cancer is probably one of the most painful moments in the life of a woman. There are many reasons why some women lose hope when they lose their breasts. First, their social life will be greatly affected and secondly, their self confidence will significantly diminish. There is actually no reason to lose hope if you are facing these problems. That's because there are modern mastectomy bras today that can restore your perfect figure. You can also use strap on breasts enhancers so you can face the future with confidence and vigor.

Mastectomy bras have numerous unique features that are helpful for breast cancer survivors and for women who have unusually small breasts. This type of special bra is made from smooth and fine materials so they are very comfortable to wear. In fact, doctors would recommend the use of mastectomy brassier for patients who are recovering from breast surgery. The soft and elastic material will protect your tender skin. This type of bra also features wide soft straps that will not dig in to your skin. Most importantly, a mastectomy bra is perfectly compatible with strap on breasts forms and other prosthesis. The built-in pockets of the bra ensure that the prosthesis will stay in place. The pockets also prevent the prosthesis from slipping off the bra.

The pockets of a mastectomy bra separate it from other types of enhancement bras. The bra pockets are especially designed to hold the prosthesis. Some of the best designed mastectomy bras have multi-way pockets. This special design facilitates easy insertion of the breast forms. The pockets can accommodate silicone pads or a full cup breast form. No matter what size or shape of prosthesis you want, your mastectomy brassier will be compatible with it. So this gives you greater flexibility in choosing how you can reconfigure the shape of your breast. That is why you need not lose hope if you've lost your breasts to cancer. There is still a way to enjoy an active social life and wear whatever dress you fancy.

Mastectomy bras and strap on breasts could complement each other. Two months after your breast surgery you will be ready to wear a mastectomy brassier. In order to get the figure you want, you could use the breast forms and insert them in the pockets of the bra. After you have fully recuperated from the operation, you should be ready to use the strap on breasts enhancers. These strap-on bras have invisible straps so you will get the chance to wear your backless and sexier dresses once again. It is also possible to enjoy water sports and swim again because the strap-on breasts forms are waterproof.

So when you shop for mastectomy brassier, make sure that it has the right features that will make you comfortable and sexier. The bra should be made from soft materials. It should have a wide strap so you can avoid skin injury and irritations. Most importantly, it should be compatible with breast forms and breast enhancement prosthesis so you can regain your figure and live a happy life again.

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