A Review Of Rich Lifestyles Network With Al Sims - "How I Make $1,000 - $3,000 Everyday Like Clockwork Before Noon - While Refusing To Make Any Cold Phone Calls To Recruit!"

West Bloomfield, MI (PressExposure) November 28, 2007 -- Brand New 100% Internet-Driven Business Model Revolutionizes One Of The Oldest Industries Known To Mankind. [http://richlifestyles.com]

Rich LifeStyles Network is an Internet Based Community of Entrepreneurs with business partners all around the globe. Started in January, 2003 by Al Sims, a Successful Business Entrepreneur living in West Bloomfield, Michigan, the complete focus of Rich LifeStyles Network is to empower people everywhere to achieve and live the lifestyle of their dreams without all of the traditional trappings that usually come with success... hence the name RICH LifeStyles Network.

"From my first exposure to the Automated Direct Sales Business Model, I knew this was the absolute most brilliant way to earn a living while still enjoying the luxuries of time and money freedom. I mean, what could be better than waking up every morning after sleeping 8, 9 or 10 hours to new orders that have already been filled and cash payments already on the way to your bank account? For me, this is what Rich LifeStyles is about, living life on your terms not always dictated by the scheduling of others", said Al Sims, Rich LifeStyles Network Team Leader.

The new Rich LifeStyles Network Automated Marketing System was created with work at home moms in mind, work at home dads, entrepreneurs, wanna-be entrepreneurs, Network Marketing Professionals, Internet Marketers, and any one else who loves to make money working at home on the Internet.

Anyone who knows anything about the home based business industry today knows that there is no shortage of "business opportunities" available to the vast amount of business opportunity seekers. "The current problem in the home based business opportunity marketplace today is the majority of those involved are pushing old, outdated, non-internet compatible business models that ultimately suck money clean out of their pockets and bank accounts" said Al Sims.

What Is working today on the internet to bring the most savvy Home Based Internet Business Entrepreneurs $1,000 - $3,000 paydays like clockwork?

There is a major shift of traditional Network Marketers moving to what is being called Top Tier Business Models or Get Paid Today business models and Rich LifeStyles Network is one of the leading teams at the forefront of this massive movement.

"What is happening in the Network Marketing marketplace right now," says Al Sims, "is that people have become weary and hesitant about joining the "the next 'big' thing". "Frankly, people are tired of purchasing products they really do not want or need and people are more serious than ever before about making some real money and they are no longer willing to settle for small paychecks that barely cover their expenses for building their business." "People want and need to see results fast and $1,000 - $3,000 daily payments are what is driving the exciting growth and massive momentum powered by the new Rich LifeStyles Network team website system. We have never had a system in place that delivers the results we are currently experiencing with our new system."

How does the new Rich LifeStyles Network Automated Marketing System work with Top Tier and Get Paid Today Business Models?

The new Rich LifeStyles Network Automated Marketing System has been set up to work the same way for beginners and amateurs as well as seasoned pros. This all-new system magnetically attracts those entrepreneurs who are most interested in 100% automated business models that pay at least $1,000 per sale. After the RLN Automated Marketing System attracts targeted prospects, it systematically educates and motivates your most serious and qualified prospects to action.

"When I made $2,000 my very first day by simply plugging the first two business opportunities, Roadmap To Riches and Passport To Wealth, into my Business Portfolio, I knew I was on to something big, said Al Sims. "What excited me even more was the fact that I made not one outbound phone call. All of my new team members called me with CASH in hand!" "I knew that I had something to share with the masses with this new system because I know our marketplace is starving for a real quick and big money making solution."

What Makes The Rich LifeStyles Network Marketing System stand out in the seemingly over-crowded home based internet business market?

As we state in our RLN Team Website... "If you ask any marketer what they really want, they will not tell you they want more leads or better leads - they want more sales. If you ask a veteran marketer what they really want, they won't tell you that they want more leads or even more sales ... they will tell you that the entire SALES PROCESS must be 100% automated... Starting with the prospecting or inviting of targeted prospects, educating, motivating, following up, closing the sale, and even delivering the money directly to their bank account."

In the our highly competitive sales and marketing environment, the only way to level the playing field is to provide a system such as the Rich LifeStyles Network Automated Marketing System that does all of the attracting, sifting, and selling to all new team members and simply allow the system to work the exact same way for them. Most people do not care to deal with any form of rejection. With the new RLN system, it empowers beginners to blast out of the gate marketing just like the pros REJECTION-FREE.

The RLN Automated Marketing System delivers all of the information precisely, quickly and professionally every time educating your prospects systematically. This simply means that you will not be responsible for delivering presentations. Also, 99% of all questions are answered within your website. You simply update your personal profile in the our members area with your current information and your preferred payment details and you are in business.

While the other guys are selling you on building your websites, autoresponders, marketing systems, etc. we've already got you covered (those are the basics). We have perfected the entire sales process, and we have placed it on 100% auto-pilot leveling the playing field empowering anyone that simply turns the system on to receive the similar results.

For more information visit us at: [http://richlifestyles.com]

About Rich LifeStyles Network

Al Sims is a successful Full-Time Internet Entrepreneur and Author. Al Sims is the founder of Rich LifeStyles Network, a community of Home Based Money Makers, Bosses and Entrepreneurs.

For more information, please visit: [http://richlifestyles.com]

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