A "Smokin" Classroom Is Now Worldwide

San Francisco, CA (PressExposure) November 21, 2008 -- Smokers and chewers are attending Nicotine Solutions from England, Bulgaria, California, Washington State, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New York, Toronto and even The Yukon Territory in Canada.

Smokers are flocking from all over the world to attend Nicotine Solutions because of the 90% success rate that is based on behavior change rather than on drugs. Lela, who stopped smoking in 1978, says that "a smoker is a smoker no matter where they live, how old they are or what gender they are."

At first, some smokers are reluctant to try the Tele class approach because they think they might need the in-person approach to quitting, but once smokers or chewers participate in the lively "Sneak Preview" and talk to other smokers and experience a live class, they end up acting like old war buddies at the end of the class!

Marianne Pendleton, of New York, who quit smoking 2 packs a day on July 2, 2003 said "Lela's seminar helped me quit smoking during an especially difficult time in my life. What made this program unique was the support and comradeship provided by the group even after the program had ended. We emailed constantly and shared our stories for months after wards. Having a group of new friends going through the same experience provided a great safety net- there was always someone to commiserate with, as well as share the triumphs!”

Another student named Pat who quit smoking in 1999, said “I used to charge a lot of my cigarettes on my Texaco gas card and my gas card bill was around $250 every month. After I quit smoking, my bill went down to $49. I was shocked!” (Well those days of low gas prices are gone, but at least she is still saving money because she quit smoking.)

Tim Wedrosky, of Palm Springs, who smoked 2 packs a day said he "had exhausted every known method at the time to quit. I had tried the patch, gum, aversion therapy and Zyban. Zyban make me act angry and get road rage. Nicotine Solutions was the only thing that worked."

Barry from Pennsylvania, who stopped smoking in 2003, said “Lela, I am free. Thanks. You made a big difference. Tell your students that they can do this. It's like a paper wall, appears strong & intimidating, but will yield to THEIR advances. I don't even count the days, etc. It just doesn't matter anymore. Smoking isn't even worth the energy it takes to add up the days on a calendar.”

Deloree Burd, of Tacoma Washington stopped smoking a pack a day said, “This is so much more than a “quit smoking” program-to be able to discover the “reason” we smoked is so much more valuable than I imagined. It has been life changing & empowering. To be able to be successful in such a short period of time is amazing. I am still digesting all of the material that has been presented & will continue to do so – as my life is forever changed. Thank you, Lela! “

If you are a smoker or chewer, join the fun, lively International classes at http://www.NicotineSolutions.com

There are several free "Sneak Preview" classes scheduled every week.

You have nothing to lose but your habit! We teach smokers and chewers how to stop smoking calmly & comfortably with a 90% success rate that is guaranteed.

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