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Tallahassee City, Florida (PressExposure) October 02, 2009 -- For restaurants and other similar food establishments, a roster of beverages is a must. Unfortunately, with so many different types of drinks available, coming up with one has become a considerably difficult task. However, despite the abundance of available beverages, one type seems to be more popular than the rest wherever you are in the world – tea.

The number of tea manufacturing companies is a testament to the popularity of the said drink. And among the many brands of tea available, Lipton tea seems to be the preferred tea of choice of numerous restaurants. Listed below are just four of the many reasons why a lot of food establishments buy lipton tea [http://www.myayala.com/shop/merchants.asp?mcode=unilever&categ_id=682]:

A.) Lipton tea comes in many different flavors. Restaurants that buy lipton tea [http://www.myayala.com/shop/merchants.asp?mcode=unilever&categ_id=682] have the advantage of offering customers a choice between black, green, herbal, and iced tea. This allows them to cater to a greater range of patrons and consumers.

B.) Lipton tea can be mixed and blended with other beverages to create more exciting concoctions that further increases variety. It can go with pomegranate, mandarin, peach, lemon, or even mango. This also means that the potential for coming up with new combinations is limited only by imagination.

C.) Lipton tea is proven to contain a significant amount of antioxidants. This means that every lipton tea has the capability to reduce the risk of cancer and membrane degradation, and slow down the effects of aging. In fact, a number of studies confirm the connection between a reduction in the risk of heart disease and drinking of black tea. Clinical studies have shown that flavonoids in Lipton tea may promote good heart health by improving endothelial function and by reducing blood cholesterol levels. Aside from being tasty, Lipton tea is also healthy.

D.) It contains less calories than milk. Consumers that buy lipton tea [http://www.myayala.com/shop/merchants.asp?mcode=unilever&categ_id=682] can enjoy the sweet taste of tea without the risk of heart and arterial problems. Even patients that suffer from diabetes need not worry about the excess sugar in the tea because the sugar that comes with Lipton tea is comparable in amount to the sugar that comes in taking eight (8) glasses of water in a day.

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