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Venice, FL (PressExposure) February 11, 2011 -- The Adonis Effect is a new program on building the perfect body that will appeal to women and be pleasing to the senses of everyone. It is based on the Golden Ratio Rule of 1.618 in build according to nature and how it is viewed in design. Since every man wants to look good and feel good, the Adonis Effect is designed to perfect your body according to your own size and build. Since each man is different, certain measurements are used as a guideline for shoulders and waist to height and weight when utilizing the Adonis index.

You can order the Adonis Effect workout right from their own site. It will include versions in e-book, audio and video so all instructions are easy to follow. Once you are in part of the site, you get a free two week workout sample plan. Also, offered for free is an Adonis Effect index tracker. Take exact measurements of your shoulder width, waist at the bellybutton, and your weight. Enter the information into the tracker and it will provide the information for what you need in order to achieve goals and how to progress to the next step of your plan.

The program advertises it can change a body to the most pleasing form for the female eye in order to attract their attention from the first meeting. The Adonis Effect is about sex appeal to women, goals for other men and the most pleasing effect on humans. It teaches how to learn what your own measurements should be in order to acquire the form needed for the perfect human.

Everything in nature has a natural form that appeals to the inner soul and this is what the workout program is trying to promote. It is based on fat burning and muscle building with the correct workouts and diet. It is not based on the cardio workout programs of burning large amount of calories, but on the single function of losing weight at the belly and gaining width at the shoulders. It is not about getting as big as possible, but as big as needed for your personal body type.

The site for Adonis Effect offer a lot of free advise and help. You do not have to pay for every question asked. They want you to have confidence in their workout plan and yourself when you find that match for your own form. It provides individual workout plans for the area needed for the best results. You can lose weight at the middle, build mass around the shoulders and build an overall muscle system. Once you receive your information, just follow the perfect body construction program plan for your own personal goals in body form.

If you have questions, you can ask them at the site before signing up. The Adonis Effect is meant to help men feel better, find the perfect natural form of slim waist and broad shoulders and appeal to women all over the world at first sight. It is a program worth checking out if you need to build body mass, lose weight and improve confidence.

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