Abdominal Revision Liposuction by Santa Monica Specialist Dr David M Amron Gets Patients Back on Track to Their Dream Bodies

, CA (PressExposure) July 23, 2011 -- Patients come from all parts of the world to see Dr. David Amron and take advantage of his remarkable liposuction expertise. His help is particularly comforting to those who have suffered from imperfect liposuction procedures.

A liposuction procedure is invariably meant to make the patient look better, but sometimes this does not go as planned. When the results are not perfect, a more highly skilled liposuction practitioner who specializes in corrective liposuction should be the first person a dissatisfied liposuction patient calls.

In the case of many such patients, the expert practitioner they call is Dr. David M. Amron, a specialist in corrective procedures such as abdominal revision liposuction in Santa Monica.

The abdominal area is one of the most popular spots for liposuction, and it can be very disappointing to the patient when the results are substandard. Revision liposuction, which works to correct these mistakes made by other liposuction practitioners, is much more challenging than performing the initial surgery correctly. For this reason, experts in revision liposuction are exceptionally skilled.

When approaching abdominal revision liposuction, Santa Monica expert Dr. Amron takes into account factors that other doctors may neglect. For example, to cinch a waistline, he approaches the patient circumferentially - doctors who do not use this approach risk making the abdomen look flatter but also wider. In addition, it is his considered medical opinion that general anesthesia is not conducive to excellent results, since the patient is unconscious and essentially lying in one position, with muscle tone at its loosest.

Dr. Amron is also mindful, in cases involving abdominal revision liposuction in Santa Monica and beyond, to produce the best possible proportions and to temper his approach based on the individual patient. As skin elasticity decreases, greater conservatism in fat removal is required, as is extreme respect for the skin. A surgeon who understands these factors is the right choice to correct the results of a procedure that did not turn out as the patient wished. With abdominal revision liposuction in Santa Monica and throughout the Los Angeles area, a patient who has encountered difficulties can get back on track toward shaping his or her perfect body.

About abdominal revision liposuction in Santa Monica.

Dr. David M. Amron of Revision Liposuction in Beverly Hills has more than 15 years of experience as a world-renowned liposuction expert and revision liposuction specialist. He has treated thousands of patients and instructed other surgeons on the philosophy and techniques involved in fat reductions and removal. For more information and to request a complimentary phone consultation, call Revision Liposuction at (310) 275-2467.
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