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Houston, Texas (PressExposure) December 17, 2009 -- Recently, the global luxury goods giant LVMH - Hennessy Group (LVMH) has acquired Swiss watch Hublot (Hublot), and invested heavily in expanding production and marketing of the brand.

Louis Vuitton - Hennessy Group is the world's largest luxury group in the Jewelry and Watch industry with TAG Heuer, Dior, De Beers and other high-end brands. However, these brands were acquired prior to 1999, Louis Vuitton - Hennessy Group hopes to buy luxury watch brand Hublot strengthen its competitiveness. HUBLOT last year's turnover reached 151 million Swiss francs (1 U.S. dollar equals 1.04 Swiss francs), its operating profit margin reached 20%, higher than the Louis Vuitton - Hennessy Group's other watches and jewelry business profitability.

It is reported that after the acquisition of Hublot, Louis Vuitton - Hennessy Group will increase investment within three years, used to strengthen the production and marketing of brand watches, including the promotion of Hublot to develop markets outside of Europe, all over the world within three years to open more than 30 stores.

HUBLOT watch the first time in Switzerland in 1980 International Jewelry & Watch Fair appearance, its body coupled with gold to form a black natural rubber strap, creating a tab-table history of precious body and natural rubber strap with precedent. Currently the form has been among the ranks of the world's luxury watches, its priced between 2200-8000 euros.

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When the world's first Hublot Hublot watches in Switzerland, in 1980 International Jewelry & Watch Show appearance, he immediately caused quite a stir. Hublot Hublot watch the table to create a first of its kind in the history of the first time, a luxurious body cast a gold watch and natural rubber strap combination as the originators of this style. In contrast other brands took a full two decades before they consciously emulate this design rubber strap. Furthermore, Hublot strap manufactured lightweight soft, comfortable and durable, its scientific and technological level are other watchmaking factories far from reach. The combination of rubber and were precious metals and natural elegance, is obvious. Today, the rubber to become a part of the trend of clothing, Hublot has always been done is a continuation of the philosophy and its unique lifestyle; This is evident from the first day of the creation of the brand has no changed.

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Strap design from concept to reality took three years, during which the natural rubber found in the table Carpenter seems to magically through the contact with the skin self-repair. So they insert a light steel in the rubber band at both ends of the Convention, the strap can be safely buckle in the table body fixed point. 2 strap sold under the customer's wrist when the thickness of real-time access to the table body; once labeled, it will not loose strap is not tight to fit the curve of the wrist with customers, their comfort level unmatched by other designs. Since this design and technology was very successful, since it is only the surface of the brand's first since the World Hublot Hublot table and then did not use another strap, which will continue to stick to it.

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