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Houston, Texas (PressExposure) December 17, 2009 -- Few political leaders, such as the United States President Barack Obama in the fashion industry has also become the hottest star, despite his claim that only 5 sets of suits and four pairs of shoes, a new idol itself is also somewhat puzzled by this. Pants only wore about 10 years, one of the last century the early acquisition of 90 TAG Heuer Serie 1500 Two-Tone Diver watch with him through 15 years up and down time, all the way to witness this classic American dream, a step by step how to become a reality.

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In some people view the new master of the White House dress code more dynamic than its predecessor, so he brought the watch to wear than its predecessor, the timex (low-cost electronic form) is not surprising that some of the more luxurious. In fact, from the mid-1990s until the early or late 2007, Obama has been right Heuer Series 1500 Two Tone Diver's watch a special liking. Especially when Obama during the campaign, shirt sleeves rolled up casually exposed wrist of TAG Heuer, the image so that we can see some inkling of his personality: This is a powerful diving watch, beckons to the spirit of the wearer a sense of adventure is a doer.

TAG Heuer to the position of a pioneer, proud moment in history, while also invited a number of Hollywood stars and famous sports brand endorsement, including the Hollywood superstar Leonardo? DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio), the world's top-ranked golfer Tiger Woods (Tiger Woods), WTA tennis champion Maria. Maria Sharapova (Maria Sharapova), 2008 Nian F1 world champion, Vodafone - McLaren driver Lewis. Hamilton (Lewis Hamilton), but much earlier than their beloved Obama Heuer.

The leading name in luxury watches, Tag Monaco watch has been the pre-eminent symbol of performance and prestige for over a century. The unique design and high quality of the Tag Monaco Replica watches then attracted many of its suporters worldwide.

Sebatien Rytz, director of the Swiss market, said that despite the TAG Heuer completely "apolitical," but Obama agree with the TAG Heuer same values, that is avant-garde pioneers, determination and competitive spirit, the fact that we remain proud of.

Can be seen that a man's elegant taste and temperament is not necessarily through the large amount of money chasing fashion trends to provide a contrast and performance, as he "do not need to show off the muscles, but also allow others to feel its power." After vicissitudes settle down in a cool-headed, smart ideas and determination, is the very source of the dumping of the charm. This is the TAG Heuer has always been respected and uphold by the constant pursuit of innovation, excellence, performance and reputation, and constantly climb even higher goals. United States President Barack Obama, as well as the image of the TAG Heuer ambassadors with their outstanding performance, the interpretation of the TAG Heuer's unique qualities - "My extraordinary and outstanding."

Swiss watch TAG Heuer said that they would continue to sponsor Tiger Woods, although he heard a lot of scandal. TAG Heuer company spokesman Marui Mu - Seurat (Mariam Sylla) Monday said they were sponsored by Tiger Woods will not change, because Tiger Woods is still the world's No. 1 golfer. TAG Heuer does not care about his private life. Marui Mu - Seurat, said TAG Heuer Tiger Woods is very respected in the sports performance.

TAG Heuer and Tiger Woods stood statement for the first in the world is undoubtedly a good news, because the day before the consulting firm Accenture has just become the first one to sever relations with the Tiger Woods, a major sponsor. Last Friday, Tiger Woods announced that he would leave the golf indefinitely in order to deal with family matters.

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