Abundant Living System Needs To Be Revisited

Greenwood, IN (PressExposure) April 10, 2009 -- I began my Cash Gifting activity with Abundant Living System. At one time it was the premier Cash Gifting activity bar-none.

Unfortunately they failed miserably when Cash Gifting moved forward to residual rather than antiquated 1 up systems. Rather than respond to the changes by moving forward WITH the times… Jeff Long decided he could play both ends against the middle. He, (in response to newly launched residual based programs such as The Peoples Program), introduced his “Game Changing Event”. Unfortunately for Jeff, it wasn’t the game change he anticipated.

He DID do two things correctly… He introduced a residual program, and he allowed, (as I and other leaders in the Cash Gifting Community had been literally BEGGING for in previous months), customizable landing pages. That however, is where the good changes ended. Jeff Long decided to KEEP the old 1 up aspect. Requiring people to choose between either a 1 up and a residual based system. Sounds kind of cool on the face, but we’ll get to why this is a horrible idea in a minute. He also introduced a “Pay It Forward” program… This again on the face seemed like a cool thing. The idea was that every gift that was exchanged with ALS would have a percentage sent to an arbitrarily selected ALS member. Again, warm and fuzzy on the face, unimaginably short sighted when you look deeper.

You see, the computer selected PIF recipient had to confirm that they received the gift before a new team member was activated. THAT means that someone who has NO vested interest in WHEN your new team member was activated, (today, next week, next month…NEVER), was in control of activating them. I had an exchange with ALS Support the day after this was introduced, alerting them to the fact that this was going to result in endless delays and headaches confirming new people. The response I received was “PIF is the direction ALS is going; I suggest you get on the bandwagon”. Abundant Living System team members were complaining in droves. ALS would invariably respond with silly statements like, “PIF has gone VIRAL overnight; you’re the ONLY ONE complaining or having problems”.

Unfortunately for Jeff Long we don’t operate in a vacuum. People within the Cash Gifting Community… COMMUNICATE. EVERYONE BUT Jeff Long was aware that this was simply an unworkable concept. Not simply for the activation reason… But because people aren’t as Math Challenged as Jeff Long apparently believes… You see, people are actually quite smart. Let’s look at this… You join a program that slices 10% off EVERY GIFT you generate, in the hopes that someday ONE of those 10% slices comes to you… Since it is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE, (if administered fairly), for one person to ever receive more than one PIF, this just makes no sense to anyone other than the occasional person who thinks that joining Cash Gifting is akin to winning the lottery.

Now we get back to the reason that, especially when lumped together this, (Game Changing Event), was so incredibly short-sighted. Cash Gifting is so popular due largely to the simplicity and honesty inherent in it. With a program such as The Peoples Program, it is a system that can be explained in a 5 minute phone call. Abundant Living System turned their program into something that after a 20 minute conversation, you would likely leave the prospect with MORE questions than when you began. This is neither simple nor duplicatable, the two KEYS to Cash Gifting!

Now we get to the REALLY bad part… When Abundant Living System began their meteoric like fall in popularity after instituting these “Game Changing” miss-steps, Jeff Long decided to punt… He began sending out emails to ALL ALS members, promoting OTHER programs. Think about this for a minute. You are busily doing what you need to do to build your team and help them become successful. Meanwhile Jeff is busy farming YOUR TEAM to promote HIS other programs! This means that newbies coming on board are going to be receiving offers from Jeff Long to join Infinity 800, Push Button Empire, or whatever he decides to promote tomorrow. Watering down their attention and efforts on WHAT THEY JOINED YOU TO DO! Resulting in, not ONLY a higher failure rate, but who do you think they will blame for failing in all these different programs? Jeff Long… Or YOU?

I made the decision after my conversation that ended “…get on the bandwagon”. I did… I got on The Peoples Program Bandwagon…


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I feel that the essence of cash gifting and more specifically The People's Programs, is one of GIVING, of following "The Golden Rule". God's grace has allowed my kids and I, to prosper incredibly with cash gifting. And I don't take that lightly, or for granted, I believe I have been so blessed by this activity BECAUSE I go the extra mile for my team. BECAUSE I am so committed to THEIR success. Which is why I make myself as available as possible to those that join me and even those that joined others and need my help. That is what cash gifting and The People's Programs are all about in my opinion.

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