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Boca Raton, Florida (PressExposure) July 21, 2007 -- How would you like to be able at any time to sense/preview all possible destinies available to you and then use thoughts energized with high inner Light in order to powerfully bring the future YOU choose in the life you will experience?

Would you like to directly experience an extremely high and illuminated level of YOUR OWN mind where all that IS possible can be created and then manifested for you at any time?

Our Academy, a pioneer in mind/matter research and applications, has been teaching since 1997 highly specialized mind technologies originating from the international intelligence community and advanced mystics and mind masters.

The movie "The Secret" and its "Law of Attraction" are the latest international buzz. Many of you have seen it, read numerous books, and attended many seminars on motivational and positive thought techniques. Yet, how many of you have actually ever been able to achieve real permanent success and radical changes in your lives? Manifestation techniques have been the companion of mankind for eons, yet success has been far and few between. Why is that?

What is then the missing ingredient for inner and outer transformation?

Throw most books out. Unclog your mind and discard your old luggage, and start experiencing directly the greater One Self within you: your inner infinite power.

This is where we would love to join you and help you experience all that we speak of.

This is when you realize that all the myriads of books and teachings cannot do what direct experience will. Learn Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing reality through thought-power alone!

Our advanced remote sensing of probable future events might become critical to surviving and flourishing in the first 12 years of the "Millennium 2000 disturbances." This invaluable mind technology allows our students to Remote View in advance any probable future events and learn to Remote Influence their personal reality in order to be surrounded by serenity, prosperity, health, and happiness.

The Simple but Powerful Secret to Freedom Is already Within You. The Real Secret is Connecting to It .

Our Remote Viewing course teaches you to connect to the Universal Mind for informational purposes (Remote Viewing) by positioning your awareness right at the border of the sleep state (deep theta 4.5 cycles per second brainwave state) and remaining aware and stable in it without sinking into un-consciousness. In it we train you to remote view/sense events happening across space and time. You can view/intuit events happening right now, or past ones. And you can also intuit events that are highly probable in the future (probable future) which is as yet not definitely crystallized as we all have free will to co-create (influence) reality to some degree.

Our Remote Influencing course teaches you to enter with full conscious awareness the level of the collective (formerly) unconscious (deep Delta level of mind i.e. the sleep state and its brainwaves of less that 4 cycles per seconds), and how to operate in it in order to powerfully manifest and co-create reality from that level of inter-connected Higher Mind. You learn to operate "the law of magnetic attraction" by actually being within the formerly hidden Underlying Infinite Cosmic Manifestation Mind. Its law's and operations are revealed and experienced.

We are Pleased to Invite You to Sample our Courses....

Audio extracts from our Courses have been compressed into the MP3 format, in contrast to our training which is distributed in uncompressed format.

Compression such as MP3 cuts off the low and high audio frequencies, and therefore reduces the effect of our powerful built-in brain entrainment which often uses low and high band audio frequencies. Nevertheless, you will still be able to experience for yourself a good part of the power and impact of our training and get snippets of the course contents.

About Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing

About Academy Of Remote Viewing And Remote Influencing

The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing has been teaching since 1997 life awareness-enhancement techniques which allow anyone to view and manipulate, by highly energized thought-power alone, the probable quantum fields of future Reality, in an almost magical way. Our training system was the first to reveal the link between the deep Theta(4.5Hz) brainwave state of mind and the ability to access the Universal mind (Delta state).

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