Accessories Your Custom Notepads Should Have

East Arlington, TX (PressExposure) September 01, 2009 -- When you print notepads with personalized designs, do you ever think to add accessories to it? Yes, there are in fact a few great accessories that custom notepads can have to make them a bit easier to use and better looking as well.

Some notepad printing services offer custom notepads with these accessories, so it should be easy to include them with your notepad production. Below are the four most common accessories that you may want to use with your own notepads.

1. The protective hardcover - The best sand perhaps most common color notepad accessory is the protective hardcover. This can be a simple cardboard at the back of the custom notepad or it can be a wrap around cover much like a folder. Of course, obviously the protective hardcover is an accessory that protects the notepad from damage such as moisture exposure and physical tearing or folding.

It can be made from thicker cardboard paper, or sometimes it can use plastic or other interesting materials. Integrating this into your custom notepad production can be expensive, but it can give the notepad that special and impressive impact on you and to the people receiving it.

2. The handy personal pen or pencil - Another great accessory that should almost be mandatory for custom notepads is a personal pen or pencil. This is especially great when producing marketing or public relation notepads where they are given away as souvenirs.

Typically, the pen or pencil will also have the logo or other content that is also present in the color notepad. This makes them act as one unit with one theme. Producing your own personal pen or pencil can be expensive, but there is nothing like the impact of a customized pen and notepad to really get you into writing something.

3. Quick tear off binding - Also, a great and useful accessory or feature for notepads are those quick tear off binding techniques. Usually these are in the form of spring binding or simple adhesive binding. Tear off binding basically makes the notepad pages easily removable with little chance of tearing the notepad page out of form. This makes notepads very convenient indeed as a tool for writing and posting quick notes. Tear off binding can be easily done by most printing companies so you should not worry about how to do this.

4. Calendars, tables and other extra content - Finally as a great final feature, notepad designs can also have a few useful content areas depending on the purpose of the custom notepad. For example, you can add in calendars, conversion tables and other quick and common facts that people might need.

If you are giving out your notepad as a marketing tool or for business use, this extra information gives your notepads extra functionality. People should use the notepad more and it makes it more convenient to use. Of course, you may need to add a protective hardcover so that you will have extra space to put this on for the whole notepad unit.

Great ideas right? Why don't you try them out for your own notepads? They will make it several times more attractive and infinitely more useful as well.

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