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Marikina, Philippines (PressExposure) April 26, 2008 -- Car accident or vehicle accident if the road vehicle involved is a truck, bus, motorcycle, etc, is a type of a road traffic incident which usually involves at least one road vehicle being in collision with another vehicle, another road user, or a stationary roadside object, and usually results in injury or property damage. Visit the North Carolina car accident lawyer to know more about this.

Factors such as road conditions, weather, environment, and road user actions, can lead to a crash occurring. As the factors involved in collisions have been better understood, the term "accident" is sometimes avoided by some organizations, as the word can suggest an unpredictable, unpreventable event.

Although these events are relatively rare in terms of the number of vehicles and drivers on the road, addressing the contributing factors can reduce the likelihood of collisions. That is why these organizations prefer the term "crash" or some other term.

Nevertheless, treating these incidents as anything other than "accidents" has been criticized for holding back safety improvements, because a culture of blame may discourage the involved parties from fully disclosing the facts, and thus frustrate attempts to address with the real root cause.

Now all car collisions usually carry legal consequences in proportion to the severity of the crash. There are several rules in which whom are involved in an accident must follow. Nearly all common law jurisdictions impose some kind of requirement that parties involved in a collision must stop at the scene, and exchange insurance or identification information or summon the police. Check out the North Carolina car accident lawyer to know more about this.

However, most claims are settled without recourse to law. In this case, assuming that both parties carry adequate insurance, the claim is often handled between the two insurers. There may be financial penalties involved, such as an excess or deductible payment and a loss of a no-claims bonus or higher future premiums.

As for civil liability, in places where healthcare is mainly provided through private insurance, such as the USA, automobile accident personal injury lawsuits have become the most common type of tort. Because of pre-existing case law, the courts usually need to decide only the factual questions of who is at fault, and their percentage of fault, as well as how much must be paid out in damages to the injured plaintiff by the defendant's insurer. If you want more information about car accidents and legal liability issues, then visit the North Carolina car accident lawyer to know more about it.

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