Accurate Psychic Claims That Everyone Can Develop Psychic Abilities

Tallahassee, Florida (PressExposure) May 23, 2011 -- In a recent interview, Dale Sellers, a professional psychic and founder of LifeLeap Institute, had much to say about developing psychic ability. As an accurate psychic, Dale is endorsed by police officers, CEOs, and many professionals with impressive credentials.

Dale says that movies and television give people a distorted view of psychic abilities like remote perception, being able to see through time, medical intuition, and even the ability to manifest events and people into one's life. Our culture teaches that these things are dangerous, evil, or that these abilities can only be achieved by certain "gifted" individuals or those who spawned from an ancient psychic bloodline. Many people believe these abilities are a result of some mystical force accessed only by tarot cards, crystal balls, or casting runes.

The truth is that psychic abilities are natural and everyone has them. In fact, children are gifted psychically but are encouraged to block these abilities and replace them with intellectual reasoning, with an over-reliance on technology, and other incomplete replacements.

There is true power in psychic ability. It is possible to know what someone is thinking, even if that person is thousands of miles away. It is possible to see anyone's future (the good and bad), before it ever happens. It is possible to be an accurate psychic comparable to any celebrity psychic, all by harnessing the powerful spiritual force that is available to everyone.

Many great achievers, CEOs, world leaders, celebrities, and humanitarians, credit their success to psychic ability. These are people such as Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, John Travolta, Demi Moore, and Tom Cruise, just to name a few.

In addition to all of this, the potential of psychic ability has been proven to exist by some of the most credible sources, such as Princeton University, Duke University, the United States Army, California Pacific Medical Center, University Of Arizona, and the United Nations.

It's scientifically proven that people can psychically sense information from thousands of miles and even influence physical objects even from great distances.
Regardless of what a few stubborn skeptics are preaching, the debate about the existence of these types of abilities is over. And it's not the flaky "guru types" that are presenting these conclusions. These are the top minds from the most credible institutions of our time.

Top scientists throughout the world agree that a "universal intelligence" connects everything in our reality. We are always communicating with, influencing, and being influenced by this great intelligence.

This psychic intelligence contains all of time and all of space. This means that we are not as separate or as limited as many of us think. This means that psychic and healing ability are natural potentials for everyone.

At the same time, Dale says that controlling psychic ability at will, for a specific purpose, repeatedly and accurately, does require specialized training and development. But despite what many people believe, developing these types of abilities isn't about learning to do something new such as reading tarot cards, using a crystal ball, or engaging in some type of odd ritual. These abilities are a result of a deeper self-awareness and more self-control.

If psychic ability is important to you, your core focus has to be healing yourself on a deeper level. This involves getting control over your emotional reactions, taking back the power that others have on you, stopping the effects of past trauma and limiting beliefs, and reclaiming your own personal power for greatness.

The good news is that if you are willing to invest some of your time and energy into metaphysical development, there is nothing stopping you from attaining this goal. Dale invites you to explore his psychic development course, which is full of tested and proven methods that anyone can use to develop psychic awareness.

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