Achieve Your Goals & Ambitions Using Simple Mindmap Strategies In Your Day to Day Life

Minden, NV (PressExposure) May 27, 2009 -- Mindmaps are diagrams used to represent words, ideas, tasks or other items linked to and arranged radically around a central key word or idea. Mindmaps are used to generate, visualize, structure, classify ideas and as an aid in study, organization, problem solving, decision making and writing.

Many people spend their days in a frenzy of activity, but achieve very little… To be successful, it is important to be able to manage your time effectively. When you don't manage your time effectively your work suffers. Time management is a personal process on how you individually manage your time based on your particular goals and personality.

Jeremy Gislason, owner of SureFireWealth Inc, the publisher of the self improvement series at has released volume 2 called "Secrets to Effective Time Management”. It is a complete solution that has captured the lives of some of the highest achievers in all walks of life from business to public service.

Jeremy Gislason says that "One should have a clear plan to achieve huge financial rewards with a conscience and focus on the right mindset towards financial success". By devoting time, energy and effort at the right place with positive thinking anyone can easily manifest the desired results.

It is considered that those who use the strategies in the E-book "Secrets to Effective Time Management” are able to function exceptionally well, even under intense pressure. As these skills are mastered you will find the control over your workload and reduce the intense stress of work load.

The book is a self improvement guide and educates you on personal time management skills. These are simple, practical and useful techniques that have already helped some of the leading people in business today.

The skills explained in the book can help an individual to become highly effective, by showing how to identify and focus on the activities that translate into the greatest returns. It is clear that there are no specific rules for one and all because everyone is different with a unique mind map of their own.

Investing in these time management activities will actually save time, helping you work smarter, not harder. With stress there is a high chance of coming down with medical problems which can cause a chain reaction to numerous other problems such as ill health and rising medical bills. At the end one learns about goal setting, a vitally important skill for deciding what you want to achieve with your life along with your strengths and weaknesses.

A glimpse on what the book contains is a kick-off with simple and practical techniques, so that you can set off to a quick start in taking control of your time. Some of the chapters in the E-book such as ‘Time Suckers-What is keeping you from being productive? Help you quickly eliminate the most common time-wasters”, and ‘Creating a schedule is all about balance’ which teaches and helps you in focusing the most important short-term activities. Moving onto the really powerful and life-changing technique of goal setting and then looking at the important, well-known and usually-overlooked technique of scheduling, which is fundamentally important if you are going to take control of your workload.

All of these techniques and steps can be carried out whether at office, home, road and basically every conceivable position.

“I have dedicated this series of ongoing self help books”, says Jeremy Gislason, Publisher of Mindmap to Riches Vol. 2 "Secrets to Effective Time Management “to help all those who need that ‘kick in their pants’ to get them moving in the right direction towards success and happiness in their lives”.

One can find this E-book at the website to create a new life of success, wealth & happiness...


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