Achiever McBeaver Provides Character Education Relief For Time Strapped School Counsellors

Carrollton, Texas (PressExposure) July 13, 2009 -- Here are two words that are becoming increasingly popular across the country … “budget cutbacks.” In the middle of a nasty global recession that has gripped many industries … our nation’s school systems are painfully feeling the pinch too. As a result of poor economic conditions, many elementary school counsellors are finding themselves working at more than one campus or wearing many hats in their building as they absorb the effects of staff downsizing. In essence, school counsellors are finding that with an increased workload and continued strains being placed on the position … time has become a highly valued commodity.

As a result of increased time demands, those counsellors that like to present character education programs/lessons in each and every classroom several times per month are finding it difficult to successfully make that type of weekly commitment. In an effort to help our nation’s K-6 school counsellors find a way to deliver high quality character education lessons on a weekly and ongoing basis, Achiever Radio offers a unique approach utilizing the reach of the school PA system. Designed by classroom educators, Achiever Radio has developed a 36 episode cartoon radio show that allows a counsellor to deliver character education programming school wide in under 8 minutes per week.

With the single push of a “play" button, an entire campus can be reached with a minimum amount of time required. These specially designed PA lessons utilize familiar cartoon sounds and are designed to unfold much like a storybook as the main characters develop better behaviour choices over the course of the entire series. Using solid teaching techniques and key sound reinforcers, each radio show has been designed as a self-guiding mini-lesson that does not need immediate review by a counsellor or teacher. Yet, with the inclusion of simple support lessons and materials - if the counsellor so chooses – he or she can quickly follow up with students across the campus on a semi-regular basis. The Achiever Radio PA system format has been proven over and over to be a fun, simple to implement, low cost, and effective tool for developing listening skills and creating behavioural change in K-6 students.

The educator design team at Achiever Radio hopes to help elementary counsellors maximize the use of their time and touch the lives of children across the country.

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