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Athens, GA (PressExposure) July 27, 2011 -- owner "Tom Lancey" once again takes his readers' advice and starts a facebook fan page. The internet is becoming more social each day and other than Google, Facebook is the next best place where people go to interact with each other. The facebook fan page is gaining new people everyday and its quickly becoming a robust little community.

Lancey states "Instead of always telling people my opinions and what should be done, I thought it would be great if I could interact with them and allow for them to create their own bonds with each other and offer help to those in need. Gerd is not a pleasant disease, and what makes it very hard is that there is no immediate cure. You can learn how to curb the symptoms, but a couple bad decisions is all it takes to have a relapse."

"The great thing about people is that once you give them the right platform and environment they often take it from there. They will answer each other's questions and share information which they gathered during their search for a cure."

Lancey says that he has seen a lot of the other competitor's communities but most of them were there solely for the purpose of advertising new books and products to its viewers. This is not the route that he has taken and he never mentions anything on his site that he isn't regularly using or that he's not familiar with.

Many marketers take advantage of the situation and peddle their products with only profits in mind. "I have purchased a lot of these myself as I was willing to buy anything that could offer a cure. Sad to say, but most did more damage than good and I want to save others from doing the same. It's been a few years since the disease was really bothering me and these days I have roughly twenty percent of the symptoms that I felt back then. Change is possible."

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A dedicated owner, himself a sufferer of reflux from an early age wants nothing more but to help others like him find out as much about the disease as possible in order to conquer it. He is on a mission to help others in similar situation get the answers that they and help combat this long lasting illness.

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